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The Food and Service at this Popular Fox Lake Italian Restaurant was not good.

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I recently visited some friends over the weekend. We were looking for somewhere to go out to eat for dinner on a Saturday night with short notice.
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I had remembered that we went to Moretti’s in Fox Lake a couple of years ago and the food was decent.
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We called and asked if it was possible to make a reservation for four at around 6:30 PM. The person who answered the phone said that would not be a problem, which led me to believe that they would not be super busy. This is something that I prefer anyways. I do not like when a restaurant is too busy.
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We arrived at Moretti's about five minutes before the reservation at 6:30 PM.

The restaurant seemed to be average in regards to how busy they were.

Our waitress greeted us. She was nice but seemed timid and gave off the vibe that she may be new.

I put in an order of mozzarella sticks for the table to share.
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I also ordered a side salad and so did my wife.

I normally order their macaroni and cheese pizza. It is some of the best that I’ve ever had, but I went with something different today.

I ordered their "Mile-High Lasagna" with meat sauce. My wife ordered a chicken parmigiana sandwich on focaccia bread. My friends ordered a meatball sandwich and also a shrimp pasta dish.

The mozzarella sticks came out first. They were horrible. They looked like mozzarella sticks that one would get in a box at a grocery store. They were very salty and I would definitely not order those again.
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The salads came out and they looked like some greenery was just thrown onto a plate with a small cup of dressing on the side. They also were not very good.

The main dishes took some time to come out, which I would say possibly 15 to 20 minutes.
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I saw one of the food runners come from the kitchen with our main courses.
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My mile-high lasagna was a large mess smothered in a deep red chunky meat sauce. I put my fork through the lasagna for my first bite. The lasagna was so mushy that I could have eaten it with a straw. The overall flavor tasted like Chef Boyardee.

My wife’s sandwich was completely soggy and wet. She did not enjoy it at all.
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My friends did not really say much either way with their dinners. My one friend who ordered the meatball sandwich said it was just OK. He did not really eat the bread, only the meatballs.
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My friend's wife who ordered the shrimp pasta said it tasted OK, also nothing special.

The overall experience was subpar. I have dined here many times before and I know their food is usually pretty good. I also know that, with many things as of late, nothing is as good as it once was after the pandemic.

The quality of the food and service has suffered across the board for many restaurants that I want to call my favorite places.

The service here was also quite strange. Our server seemed quite afraid to take our plates or to take our order. I noticed that she was gone for long periods of time leaving us wanting refills on our drinks. The restaurant was not even very busy. I think it is also due to the weather. Add

The weather on the day that we went was also not so great with cloudy rain throughout the day.

I give Moretti’s Fox Lake a rating of 4 out of 10. I cannot say that I would really recommend going here in its current state of quality in service.

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