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This Italian Restuarant has the Best Stuffed Artichoke in Illinois

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I did a simple Google search of the best restaurants in the Bloomingdale area. The first restaurant that popped up was Tony Spavone’s Italian Restaurant in Bloomingdale.
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I thought I would give them a try for dinner and see if all the hype for this restaurant was legit, according to the reviews on Yelp.
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The restaurant is located off of Lake St. The restaurant itself from the outside looks anything but a restaurant, so I can imagine that new patrons easily miss it.
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The outside almost looks like a flower shop.

Pictures of famous celebrities adorn the walls.
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I entered the restaurant with my wife and was kindly greeted by the gentleman who was seating customers and would ultimately be my waiter.
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The restaurant at the time that I entered was quite empty; there was only one table next to me with a party of about six patrons.
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The restaurant is quite large inside. I could only imagine how insanely busy this could get if the restaurant was completely full.

Our server was so friendly and extremely attentive. I wish that I caught his name before leaving, but as I was leaving the restaurant was getting quite busy.

The menu is set up with all old-school Italian favorites, such as baked clams, stuffed artichoke, and many more.

I started the meal with an order of a dozen clams and also a stuffed artichoke to share with my wife.

While we were waiting for appetizers we were given the specialty bread that they give to every table. It was one of the most delicious things I’ve ever had. The bread was a crunchy roll topped with garlic and oil. It was so delicious. The only thing I could compare this to was the garlic rolls at Bob Chinn's, but so much better.
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The appetizers came out and hands-down the stuffed artichoke was the best that I have ever had in recent memory from any Italian restaurant that I have been to. It is definitely something you have to try.
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The baked clams were also delicious. There was quite a bit of clam under the breading. I am used to lots of restaurants packing the clams with so much breading leaving a little clam left to be desired.
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I ordered the on-the-bone Chicken Vesuvio. My wife ordered the Veal Parmesan.
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With our entrées, we were offered a soup or salad. We both opted for the salads. I was so happy to find out that they had garlic dressing, like the old-school steak houses. It was so good.

The restaurant was now starting to get very busy. There was also a party that was going on in one of the side banquet halls in this massive restaurant.
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I will say even though the restaurant was getting busy, the service was still completely fantastic. The bus boys cleared our table and filled our waters.

Our server never missed a beat by bringing us drinks and whatever else we needed.
The Owner began to singPhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

The entries came out in about 15 minutes. My wife’s Veal Parmesan was delicious. It came with a side of pasta.

My Chicken Vesuvio on the bone was also very good and had a nice flavor to it.

The really interesting part of the night was when the owner picked up a microphone and started to sing. I thought it was very sweet and felt very authentic like an old-school Italian restaurant.

I would definitely say to go and give this place a try if just to try out the stuffed artichoke that was out of this world good.

I give Tony Spavone's a rating of 8 out of 10. I definitely recommend everyone check this place out.

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