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My Pick for The Best Bone-In Chicken Wings in Illinois

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On my recent weekend road trip with friends to Ottawa, IL, we also decided to check out the town of North Utica, IL, more specifically the downtown area of Utica. I am totally in love with this area.
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I stated in my last review of Clark’s Run Creek that they have a fantastic area of small shops and eateries in the small downtown area. Chairs are set up in the middle of the streets to enjoy the weather. It really is a nice place to just spend the entire day relaxing, drinking, and eating.
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I asked the bartender at Clark’s Run Creek what she thought was a good place to go eat. Not being from the area, I was in need of a suggestion. Immediately, I was told that Skoog’s next door was the place to go for good food.
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Skoog’s is set up like an English-style eatery/pub, but it is very family-oriented. I noticed lots of people were eating with their kids.
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I did not know what to expect in regards to their food. Again, I was completely mind blown by my experience.
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My wife ordered their burger, which our waitress told us they were known for. I ordered their wings, which she said they are really known for and are the best you can get anywhere. I ordered 12 wings - six with a raspberry habanero flavor and the other six were of another habanero flavor.
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We also ordered their garlic cheese curds and their onion rings.
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The food came out relatively quickly and everything looked absolutely delicious. I tried one bite of my wings and, I will tell you with no lie, they were the best wings I’ve ever had in my life.
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What sets these wings apart from any place that I’ve ever been was the sauce was absolutely delicious. The most important part was that the wings were fried perfectly with a crispy texture, but they weren’t overcooked. The chicken itself also was not fatty, it had a great overall mouthfeel. I will also say that 12 Wings was way too much. These wings are enormous. I was in wing heaven.

My wife also loved her hamburger and said it was very delicious.
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The sides that we ordered were also fantastic. I could not stop eating the onion rings. They were perfectly battered and fried. The cheese curds were also very tasty.

I also want to add our waitress was so nice she really was super attentive to all of our needs.

If I lived in the Utica area, I swear I would be in this downtown area every day. The food, the friendliness, and the drinking establishments are all top-notch.

I give Skoog’s a rating of 9 out of 10. You definitely need to check it out if you’re in the area.

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