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This West Suburban Restaurant was not good

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I recently was offered an opportunity to try out a small eatery that offers small breakfast or lunch items and also healthy smoothies. The name of this eatery is Juice and Berry in Roselle.
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The location of Juice and Berry is in a small, fairly quiet strip mall area. The only business that looked busy was OrangeTherory fitness, which was right next door to Juice and Berry.
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I arrived around 9 am and the place looked pretty dead. The only patrons were two men sipping on a smoothie. The location has an odd vibe about it, there are random “Zen” like items placed all over the small room. The area also has some low to the ground plush chairs to sit on and also a countertop where you can stand and eat.
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I walked up to the counter and was kindly greeted by one of the two ladies working behind the counter.
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I asked what was one of their items that everyone loved. The worker responded with a food item that she pointed to on the menu that was on the wall. She said that the “Caprese Toast” was really good. I said I would try that and had my own water, so I will just try a food item. The worker tells me it will be $8.98 for the toast. I was a little taken aback by the price, but I expected a large hearty piece of toast made beautifully with avocado and fresh mozzarella, and tomatoes. The worker told me to go over to the chairs and she would call me when it was ready.
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I waited for quite some time, it was at least 15 minutes and no one was in the establishment but me at this point. I really could not imagine what this place would do if it ever got busy. I also thought to myself why is this place not packed? It is located right next to a health club which is perfect for people working out and wanting to get a healthy breakfast or smoothie afterward.
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The girl behind the counter called my name and handed me a small brown takeout box. I asked for a bag but was told they did not have any.

I walked over to the countertop to open and look at this huge hearty beautifully made Caprese Toast. When I opened the box, it actually was an absolute joke. The toast was cut into three small pieces and measured no more than a piece of classic white Wonder bread. The top was slathered in a generic avocado spread and it was decorated with a couple of cherry tomato halves and cheese flecks and drizzled in balsamic.
$9 Caprese ToastPhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

I took a bite and nothing had to flavor. The only flavor that stood out was the balsamic drizzle. I think the cheese was mozzarella. The spread also had zero flavors. The $2 dollar Dunkin Donuts avocado toast sadly tasted better than this.

I now knew why this place was dead. The service was slow and the product that was supposed to be their best tasted awful and looked awful.

I make these reviews not to be mean to the establishments. I make them so others can see what is wrong and right from an outside perspective.

I cannot recommend going to Juice and Berry at its current state. I give Juice and Berry a rating of 3 out of 10.

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