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I had an awful experience at this Lagrange coffee eatery

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I was given an opportunity via Yelp Elite Events to try out a coffee cafe/breakfast eatery in downtown La Grange called Blackberry Market.
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The way that a Yelp Elite event works is as follows: The company contacts Yelp or Yelp contacts the business. The main purpose of contacting Yelp is so that top-tier Yelpers can come by and review them. They give out some free food items and, in my case, it was a coffee and a dessert of my choice.
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I want you to also understand that usually the business, knowing what a good Yelp review can do for their business, is on their best behavior with service and food quality.

If I get a good vibe off of the business, such as good customer service or a simple friendly experience, I will often order more than the free items. I will often order many items to give the business my respect by paying for my food and to get a good feel for the establishment.
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I love the downtown La Grange area. It has so many choices for any good food lover like myself. I also love to just walk through the area when the weather gets nicer and the restaurants open up for patio seating.

I made my way to Blackberry Market on a Sunday. The weather was sunny but unseasonably cold. Regardless of the weather, it was a Sunday and the parking was extremely sparse. I had to park pretty far away and walk to Blackberry Market.
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I walked into Blackberry Market and immediately loved the decor. I felt it was very contemporary. The look had many attributes of a Starbucks or a Corner Bakery.

I noticed a handful of people were standing around waiting on their coffee drinks. I also noticed many employees saw patrons walk in and gave no effort to say hello or offer any welcoming gesture.
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I walked up to what I assumed was a line and after a minute or so realized it was just the area other patrons were waiting for drinks. I also want to mention that many employees witnessed other patrons walk to this area thinking it was a line and gave no guidance to walk on down to a register to place their order.

I walked up to the counter and an employee stared at me blankly waiting for me to order something. This is before the employee knew I was there to try out their establishment on behalf of Yelp. I noticed a sign on the counter welcoming Yelp reviewers to Blackberry Market. I said hello to the employee and told them I was with Yelp Elite to try their coffee and dessert. The employee without talking grabbed a cup and continued to just stare at me. I felt super awkward and asked what dessert was part of the Yelp Elite event for me to try. The employee mumbled that I could try whatever I wanted as he gestured to the glass case full of desserts.
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I went with the mixed berry scone and also asked if I could make my coffee iced. The employee reacted like I asked him something completely out of line and said I guess I can make it iced. I did not know putting ice cubes in a cup was such a large request.

The employee gave me a number stand and told me to have a seat without explaining if it would be brought out to me. I sat and waited watching other patrons just wait like myself for what felt like a very long time to receive simple items like coffee or a premade pastry.
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I noticed it had been close to twenty minutes and finally my iced coffee was dropped off at my table, minus my scone. I waited about five more minutes and they, in fact, forgot to bring it over. I walked over to the counter and explained I never received my scone. I again was given an attitude and was given my pastry.

I can forgive bad service if the food was really good, but the scone was drier than sawdust and the coffee was average at best. I also want to mention that the prices at Blackberry Market are not cheap. In fact, they are more expensive than Starbucks right down the street.

I was so disappointed in the overall experience. The food was not good and the service was downright bad. I looked around the downtown La Grange area and noticed many of my favorite establishments were closed down, due to Covid. I think it is more important than ever for a restaurant too, at the very least, to offer good service with a warm welcome to their customers.

I cannot recommend anyone to go to Blackberry Market with the experience I had. I would say maybe I was treated a certain way because they thought I was with Yelp or just an average customer. However, I was treated poorly before the employee knew who I was and still treated poorly after they knew I was with Yelp.

I give Blackberry Market a rating of 2 out of 10.

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