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This Schaumburg Chinese Restaurant is a Must Try!

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I recently had the pleasure of trying out a Chinese restaurant in the Schaumburg area. The name of the restaurant is Phat Phat Chinese Restaurant.
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I was recently invited to check out Phat Phat via a Yelp Elite event. The event consisted of visiting the restaurant and being able to try an order of their soup dumplings.
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I looked over the menu before arriving and wanted to really see what this restaurant had to offer. I decided to stay and try a few other items on their menu. I wanted to see overall how everything tasted and give my thoughts in a review.
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I arrived at Phat Phat around one in the afternoon. I was kindly greeted by Denny, who is a managing partner of the restaurant. I explained I was here on behalf of Yelp, but would like to try other items off the menu. I was seated and he told me he would be right back with my drink and menu.
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The menu was very unique and offered many dim sum items and special soup dumplings, amongst other dishes.
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The restaurant from the outside is very unassuming. I had never heard of Phat Phat even though I was told later that it had been open since 2019. The location is off of a side street and, to be honest, if I was not told about Phat Phat, I would have passed by not knowing it even existed.
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The inside is gorgeous. It is very modern looking with two floors. The main seating area has half booths adorned with throw pillows. The area is bright and welcoming with natural light, courtesy of the large windows that are around the dining room area.
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I was lucky I arrived at the time when I did because the restaurant was not very busy. It gave me a chance to talk with Denny about some of the food items and the overall business made myself comfortable and took off my jacket around the time Denny had returned with my drink and a menu. I told him I would definitely like to try the soup dumplings that they are known for. I also asked him to choose four dishes that he feels really stand out and surprise me. I was informed by Denny that the building the restaurant is located in is over one hundred years old and is considered a historic landmark. I also learned about the executive chef, Chef Andy Foo, a Michelin starred chef who oversees the kitchen and menu.
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Denny also informed me that they have many dishes with Indonesian influence and many items are unique and not offered at other Chinese restaurants.
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The first two dishes that came out were the soup dumplings. They were wrapped in a gorgeous blue exterior. Denny informed me they are the only ones that offer these types of soup dumplings in beef and not the traditional pork filling. The other item was Shen Jian Bao, a gorgeous dumpling with pork, black sesame, and scallions.
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The Shen Jian Bao was out of this world; they were juicy and fresh. I could not believe the flavors that were coming off these small bites. The “Beef Stew” soup dumplings were so good. The broth alone I would love to eat in a bowl.
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The next items to arrive were Nasi Goreng Indonesia, which is Indonesian fried rice, chicken, egg, and chili. The other item was Sambal Belacan String Beans Spicy, with dried Shrimp, shiitake, fish sauce, and lemon. The flavors of the fried rice were one of the best rice dishes I have ever had and the over-easy fried egg on top was a perfect complement to the dish. The string bean dish was garlicky and bursting with flavors. I definitely would recommend both these dishes.
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The final item that I tried was their very popular dessert, the Chocolate Bao. The bun was filled with delicious melted cacao. I was informed by Danny they spent months trying to find the right chocolate to put in the Bao and found a supplier in France that had just the right flavored Cacao chocolate. I will say this is also a must-order. It is uniquely flavored and delicious.
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I definitely cannot wait to come back and try more items on Phat Phat’s menu. I wholeheartedly give this restaurant my stamp of approval and recommend everyone to check them out.

I give Phat Phat Chinese restaurant a rating of 8 out of 10.

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