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I had an awful experience at this western suburb Italian restaurant

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I wanted to try out somewhere new that was close to home. I am always on the lookout to add new restaurants to my favorite places to eat.

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I was driving with my wife on Sunday and saw what seemed like a nice Italian Restaurant called RoccoVino’s in Elk Grove Village.

When I first pulled up to RoccoVino’s it had an exterior that, for whatever reason, made it look like a breakfast spot. The building did not look like a typical bar/restaurant.

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I walked into a cramped room that was right next to a podium. I assumed that I had to wait to be seated and I was correct. One of the servers came to my service and asked how many and I told her only two. The server then walked us to a table crammed in between two parties. One was a table of six and the other was a table of about eight or nine.

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I attempted to get comfortable. It's not really easy to get comfortable when you are sandwiched between two fairly loud parties. I also wanted to add that the restaurant was not very busy other than these two tables.

I took off my jacket and was settling in. A server dropped off some bread. I made my routine of putting some olive oil and parmesan in a dish to dip my bread. The bread was fresh and tasted very good. I was then greeted by our server who seemed friendly. She took our drink order. I just had water and coke and my wife had the same.

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The drinks came to our table. I looked over the menu and noticed they had scratched out prices with a marker and added two or four dollars to multiple dishes. I could not believe what they were charging for baked clams. $24 for a dozen was insane to even with current inflation. Our server came back about ten minutes later after dropping our drinks off and asked if we wanted to order anything. I told her we would try the toasted ravioli and would also like two side caesar salads. Our server then said she would be back to take our main order.

The ravioli appetizer took about twenty minutes to come out. Our server then took our dinner order. I ordered the Pappardelle Formaggio and my wife ordered the Eggplant Parmesan.

Ceaser saladPhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

The toasted ravioli was absolutely horrid! They were the size of a frozen pizza roll and tasted hard and old. I know for a fact these toasted ravioli were store-bought in bulk frozen. I have no idea why it took almost twenty minutes to come out.

I then waited for our side salads to come out for 30 minutes and still no salads. I saw our server filling water glasses at the tables literally right next to us and would just walk by ours.

Eggplant ParmPhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

I told my wife she probably forgot our salads. At nearly forty minutes here comes small caesar salads. The salads were nothing special, just dressing on some lettuce. I have no idea what the hold-up was. I again want to state the restaurant was not busy, other than maybe three tables at this point. There were three servers working the floor of this small restaurant.

I had now been at RoccoVino’s for almost two hours and did not get my main pasta dish yet. I was watching other tables that came in 20 minutes after us eating and leaving and we still sat waiting on our food.

Pappadelle FormaggioPhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

I also wanted to add that the server came to our table 20 minutes before our main dishes came out and said they would be out in a minute. I again do not know if it was an issue with the kitchen or the server, but it was horrible service all the way around.

I was just about to leave and noticed our food was coming out. My dish, I will say, had a good flavor. It was a tomato cream sauce with sun-dried tomatoes, but my wife's dish was a joke. The eggplant parmesan that she ordered was literally 1 slice of eggplant breaded and saturated in red sauce with a palm-size amount of spaghetti.

I had finished my food and now waited for our server to return. I knew this would probably be another twenty minutes. I want to also add that we had our drinks refilled twice in a span of over two hours. The server came to our table completely oblivious and asked if we wanted dessert. I told her no and that we just wanted the check.

I went to pay the bill and noticed they added two more dollars to my wife's Eggplant Parmesan dish. It was nearly twenty dollars for a slice of eggplant.

I also want to add that I have been on the toilet all night after eating here, so I received a stomach ache to add to my fantastic experience.

This place is a definite No. I will not be returning. The service was awful and the food was overpriced. The manager wandered doing absolutely nothing. The small bar near the door was littered with slot machines. This place failed on so many levels.

I give RoccoVino’s a rating of 2 out of 10.

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