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It is that time of year again. Everyone gets into the spirit of Christmas cheer with presents under the tree, the food, the decorating, and, of course, the commercialism of the holiday. The one location in Chicago that is a prime example of taking something super awesome and sweet and turning it into an overpriced overcrowded event is ChristKindleMarket in downtown Chicago.
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I remember going years past to the ChristKindleMarket and it was enjoyable. The recreation of the same 16th-century German market that is still around to this day in Germany made me feel like I left the city of Chicago for a day. They make it a family-friendly free event.

The current market is anything but free to actually enjoy anything it has to offer.

I have made a list of why ChrisKindleMarket is not the happiest place to be during Christmas.

The massive lines to get in have ruined the overall experience. The lines on some days can keep you waiting in the Chicago cold for hours.
massive crowds all dayPhoto by Yelp.

Massive crowds any time of day.
massive linesPhoto by Yelp.

The event is located in the small area in front of the Daley Plaza. The area is super small and the crowds are super big. There is literally nowhere to sit and at some points, you are standing shoulder to shoulder with people around you. It can feel very claustrophobic at times.
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I was really annoyed by the fact that they had a massive heated tent with over twenty tables. It would have been a great area to have for patrons wanting to sit and eat their food. I then discovered that the area was for people who paid for a VIP experience and that they were not open to the public. There was one family in the tent of maybe five people while we were there. I was told that the family rented the whole tent for themselves and no one was allowed in. I guess anyway to make money ChristKindleMarket will find a way to monetize it.
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The food and drinks are delicious but expect to pay through the roof prices for extremely small portions. I remember having my family go every year to collect the yearly hot chocolate mug. The mug holds about 8oz of fluid and is extremely small. The prices range from $8 to $10 dollars for the hot chocolate and mug. I noticed that the hot chocolate turns into sludge in minutes if you do not drink it fast. The prices do not sound horrible at $10 dollars for something, but for the super small sizes, it is ridiculous.
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The ornaments and other wares are horrifically overpriced. The ornaments that look like something you would find at Menards or Amazon for $10 dollars are marked up to $35 -50 dollars for one ornament or decoration.
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I also noticed vendors had multiple registers open with multiple employees, but would only leave one register open making massive lines to pay for food.
long food vendor linesPhoto by Yelp.

Huge lines to get small food portions.
PretzelPhoto by Yelp.

I want to warn anyone who may be thinking about going. This is a complete cash grab. I will say the food is good, just do not expect to get your money’s worth on anything here. That, of course, is if you make it through the hours of waiting to actually get in.
overpriced cheese breadPhoto by Yelp.

I do not think I will be going back to ChristKindleMarket. I give it an overall rating of 4 out of 10.

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