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I was so excited to try this new Oakbrook Restaurant out- What a let down it was

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I wanted to try something different. I had heard about this new restaurant in Oakbrook that made food from the principles of some doctor that focused on anti-inflammatory foods. I had to try this unique place called True Food Kitchen located in Oakbrook Mall.

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I looked up the reviews before I visited True Food Kitchen. The restaurant posted this statement on Yelp.

“True Food Kitchen is a restaurant and lifestyle brand inspired by the philosophy that food should make you feel better, and that great tasting food and thoughtfully crafted beverages can serve as the foundation for a life well-lived. True Food's seasonal menu is guided by the principles of Dr. Andrew Weil's anti-inflammatory food pyramid and emphasizes wholesome, simple ingredients with simple preparations to highlight the natural health benefits and flavors of each ingredient. From nutrient-dense staples and carefully sourced proteins to little-known superfoods, True Food Kitchen has committed to sourcing the most responsible, creative, in-season ingredients.”

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I made my way to the restaurant on a Tuesday. I did not need a reservation. The hostess sat us in a nice corner of the restaurant. The restaurant had a very L.A. vibe with bright colors and a healthy-looking drink menu. I almost felt like I was in a Vegan restaurant.

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The waitress greeted us and told us this place was a scratch kitchen. This meant that they would make any substitutions we would want on any of the menu items. I started my dining experience with an apple juice lemonade. The drink was very refreshing and tasty. My wife had the Matcha Horchata that was served hot. It was very creamy and good.

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I looked over the menu and it did not have a lot that really sounded good to me. I tried their Pear and goat cheese flatbread. The flatbread was awful. It had no flavor and was not even cut for us to take a piece. We had to tear the bread apart.

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I put in my order for the main dish. I had the Lasagna Bolognese and my wife ordered the grilled chicken and mozzarella panini.

Panini with sweet potato hashPhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

The food arrived and I could not believe my portion. It was one large lasagna noodle and the rest was water sauce with a spoonful of meat. I tried a bit and my first thoughts were that I could make this 100% better than this and not be charged 25 dollars for it. It was not good. I did not think anything was worse than my dish until I looked at my wife’s plate. The panini was in a greasy oily wrap and the sweet potato hash on the side was not crispy. It was very mushy.

LasagnaPhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

The food was awful and the atmosphere was pretentious. I could not see myself recommending this place to anyone. There are far better options in the Oakbrook Mall area. I give this place a rating of 2 out of 10.

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