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This used to be one of my favorite restaurants - What happened?

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I was shocked when I looked back at my past reviews and saw that I had not written a review for, at the time, one of my favorite restaurants, Gia Mia in Elmhurst.

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I did not have a great experience with my last visit, but I was in the area and thought to give them another try.

I want to start off by saying that this place on my first initial visit was nothing but fantastic. I recently had a visit that was very different from the previous visit. The service was not very good and the food was very subpar.

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My wife had just gotten off work and asked if I wanted to go out and grab something to eat on a Monday night. I checked my Open Table app to see if I needed a reservation and, to my surprise, every single time slot was open.

I got in my car with my wife and we headed to Gia Mia in Elmhurst, hoping for a fantastic night of great food and service.

I entered the restaurant and only a few tables were occupied. I informed the hostess, who was a very young girl who was more interested in constantly looking at her cell phone, who glanced up at me and my wife. I told her that I did not have a reservation and that I would like a table for two. We were seated right by the front door entrance, almost making it uncomfortable, with all the traffic by the hostess stand having to walk by us.

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We were greeted by our server who was nice enough. I told her we would just be drinking water and asked for ice. I remember in past visits they would put glass bottles of water on the tables, but tonight I was given a large glass of ice with a small glass of water.

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I started the night off with some of my favorite dishes. I ordered their meatballs over polenta and their ricotta and honey with bread. I felt both were good, but the meatballs were still somewhat cold in the middle, obviously frozen and not heated enough. The honey ricotta bread was very good. My wife had a caesar salad that she also thought was good.

As I finished my appetizers, I sat back and put my used dish to the side of the table. I witnessed one of the food runners/busboys constantly go up to the young girl at the hostess stand and begin to fool around and flirt for long stretches at a time. I also noticed our dishes sitting at our table as the busboy ignored them purposely to flirt with the hostess. Our server then came to our table asking if she could take our dishes away and I said that would be great. I noticed our server was doing the job of the busboy and felt pretty bad for her.

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I then put our dinner order in and normally go for their delicious pizzas, but tonight I tried their pasta Carbonara and my wife ordered a four cheese pizza.

I inquired about it being Monday and they normally had happy hour until six, as well as half off the pizzas. Our server stated they no longer do this ever since they were bought by another company.

I then watched as five workers were all hanging out at the hostess stand directly behind our chairs just jamming up the whole area and goofing off. I think there is a time and a place for this and seeing young restaurant workers acting like they could care less about customers and the restaurant overall really is a big turn-off to dine somewhere.

The food arrived and right away my pasta was a mess. They broke the spaghetti so that it made it impossible to twirl. The pasta was also sitting in half a bowl of watery liquid. It was absolutely disgusting. Our server came by and asked if the pasta was okay. I told her it was submerged in a lot of liquid. Our server took a look at it and said it did look horrible. She immediately took it to the back and told the manager about our situation. A manager never came over to say anything.

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I was very disappointed in all aspects of my dining experience here. This place used to be awesome, but now it is a shadow of its former self. The food is subpar, the service is mediocre and the specials are gone.

This restaurant truly sabotaged itself from a thriving popular eatery to an experience that lacks on so many levels.

I give Gia Mia in Elmhurst a 4 out of 10. I do not think I will be back to this location. I will give it another try to their Downers Grove location to see if it is the same experience.

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