Starbucks Suffers Nationwide Shortages of Ingredients Affecting Customers Orders Everywhere!

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Have you been to your local Starbucks and noticed that they are out of pretty much all their popular ingredients to make drinks? I have experienced this for myself at my local Starbucks. I live in the Western suburbs of Chicago and have noticed for the last couple of months that Starbucks is having a major ingredient supply issue.
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I did some investigating as to why this may be an issue and found I was not alone in my issues at my local Starbucks. Starbucks is facing a shortage of many favorite drinks, such the Peach juice for their Peach Green Tea Lemonade, Berries for Pink drinks, and sweeteners like Splenda. I also found out that this is due to a nationwide supply issue.

On many social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, customers have reported not being able to order drinks including the ingredients of mocha, guava, coconut milk, and oat milk for months. Many people have said that their local Starbucks is also out of various syrups, making most drinks unavailable.

One look at my Starbucks app shows a majority of drinks are unavailable to order and say “Sold Out”.
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Starbucks has responded this week to many customers' complaints on Twitter, stating they are aware of this issue and are experiencing shortages, due to the popularity of many of their drink items. They did say in their post that they are working quickly and closely with supply chain vendors to restock items as soon as possible.

Starbucks did assure that their supply chain shortage does not mean they will be discontinuing any of their menu items at this time.

Starbucks recommends that customers try calling their local Starbucks or asking about availability before placing an order.

Some Starbucks locations are also seeing shortages of not only their drink ingredients but some of their products, including cup sizes, containers, and many food items.

Many Starbucks baristas have voiced their concern on social media stating that they are working with no product and that shipments are not coming in, making their work very stressful to complete customer orders.
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In my personal opinion, I think something else may be going on with Starbucks shortages as the reason they are not meeting customer demands. Starbucks has always had a steady stream of constant customers buying their coffee and teas. To say they are out of ingredients due to overwhelming demand just does not sound right to me. I feel this is either related to human error or Covid related. What do you all think?
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Let me know in the comments: Are you having issues at your local Starbucks trying to order your favorite drink, due to lack of ingredients in stock?

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