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I randomly was in the area and came upon this place and thought I’d check it out. The place is called It's A Southern Thing & Bar , which I was excited about because I love Southern style cooking. After work, I went here with my wife about 7pm on a Thursday.
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We walk in and a man behind the bar mumbles to us what I assume was to sit anywhere. We seat ourselves and 5 min later a young lady comes to take our order. She asked us if we were ready and I told her that this is our first time here and what does she suggest. She told us the fried green tomatoes were great and the hush puppies were fantastic. She also said she really loved the fried chicken sandwich.
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Since this is the first time I have ever been here and I have a food reviewer Instagram page, I ordered a little bit of everything. As I realized later, their prices are super high for what you get in portion size.

In total, my wife and I ordered the hush puppies, crab dip, fried green tomatoes, and a Caesar salad for appetizers. For our entrees, we ordered the chicken sandwich and their $22 mac and cheese with chicken on top.

While we were dining, there were about 4 other patrons & no one else appeared to be eating. The restaurant was pretty empty.

We told our server that she did not have to wait for us to finish each appetizer, but to just keep bringing out our food.

Fifteen minutes pass and my wife’s main course of the mac & cheese comes out with the crab dip and the hush puppies. Five minutes later, my chicken sandwich comes out with my wife’s salad and then finally the fried green tomatoes.

I think our waitress misunderstood me because I wanted her to just bring out the food as it was ready. I would have started with the salad, then brought the appetizers and then the main courses. That would have made the most sense.

One thing that I found interesting was the server came to our table with plates in her hand and told me to grab the plates from her because they were heavy and hot. I have never had a restaurant tell me to grab hot plates from my server because they couldn’t handle them. She then later brought us drinks and asked me the same thing, to grab them from her. I just thought it was very odd.

As we started to eat our food there were some issues with the dishes. The hush puppies tasted slightly burnt, but still had the flavor. My wife’s $22 mac & cheese tasted like it came from a box and the chicken was dry and old tasting. The crab dip did not taste as though it was fresh. The fried green tomatoes really didn't have much flavor and what I tasted most was the pimento cheese. I was the most disappointed with my chicken sandwich. I took one bite into it and the chicken flew out the back of the sandwich, leaving all of the breading. The chicken was raw or at least very undercooked.
Burnt Hushpuppies Frank S/Chicagofoodking
Crab DipFrank S/Chicagofoodking
Fried green tomatoes Frank S/Chicagofoodking
$25 dollar Mac and cheese with chicken Frank S/Chicagofoodking

We told the waitress and she seemed somewhat mad at us for bringing this to her attention, but she said she would tell the manager. The manager never even came over to our table. The chef did end up making a new sandwich to go and hand delivered it himself to our table. He was super friendly and said he felt so bad that the chicken was not cooked properly. He ended up taking the chicken sandwich off of our bill.
Raw chicken sandwich Frank S/Chicagofoodking

The entire bill with the chicken sandwich removed still came to $65. It definitely was not worth it. I feel bad because the cook was a really nice guy and wanted to make our dining experience better, but I have to give an honest review of the food.

I will not be going back to this restaurant. I give it a rating of 3 out of 10.


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