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Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse - Rosemont, IL Restaurant Review

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I have not been to Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse in Rosemont in probably about 5 years. What I remember from that experience was good food and service with a calming almost
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luxury atmosphere, but how the times have changed.

I convinced my family to go to Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse due to the fact that I had a great experience when I last visited.
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On 4/24/21 we had made a reservation for six people for 2:30pm. The restaurant opens at 2:00pm and we purposely made it early hoping to beat any type of crowds that may come for the dinner time rush.

From the look of the parking lot across the street it was already getting busy in the Rosemont area. I felt good to know they offered Valet parking, so I would not have to hunt down a parking spot. However, to my dismay, there was a sign stating there was no valet on duty, forcing us to try and find a parking spot that was luckily not too far away.

Upon entering Fogo de Chao, we noticed it was already packed with zero social distancing and mask requirements not truly being enforced.
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The manager abruptly tells us to follow him to our table. We clearly see that it was sandwiched in between two large parties well over the 6 per table limit per Covid guidelines.

My sister asked if we could be seated elsewhere, as we did not feel comfortable being right on top of two parties. The manager was openly mad and took us to a table far off to the side of the restaurant. He then began to abruptly remove the extra chairs from our table almost hitting one of my guests.

One of our servers then came to our table and was not friendly or inviting and asked what we wanted to drink and left.

We made our way to the salad bar and could clearly see there was nothing there. In comparison to Texas de Brazil, their salad bar selection had 3 times more food than Fogo de Chao. Patrons were wearing no masks and grabbing food. The area was marked with a sign that said “No more than 10 people at a time”, but staff was not enforcing the rule. They had makeshift mazes of ropes set up to keep guests in line when they went up for their food. However, it was poorly laid out as it created a dead end maze that forced you to step over the rope to leave the area.
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We then sat down to start the steady stream of meats coming to our table, by flipping our meat cards to green. Steaks started to show up at our table that were extremely fatty and overly salted.
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The food was inedible! The price per person was far more than its competitors, so this was unacceptable. My party sat for half an hour with no water or drinks, parched from all the salt we had consumed.

At this point we could not put up with this any longer. We called a manager over to our table.

He was apologetic and asked if he could make it right. After putting up with enough and our dining experience ruined, we just wanted to leave. We told him that we would pay for whatever he thought was acceptable for what we consumed. We were not looking for a free meal, but rather to leave this horrific experience.

He returned and gave my niece a dessert to go, as we were there to celebrate for her occasion. He then charged our party for the salad bar portion of our meal, which was about $240 for six of us.

Overall, this was a very bad experience and was mishandled from start to finish.

In these times of Covid dining, restaurants need to put their best foot forward in order to compete with other restaurants. There are so many options for dining out that experiences like this cannot happen.

I will definitely not be returning anytime in the distant future. I rate this restaurant a 2 out of 10.


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