Why You Don't Need 100k Followers To Be Recognized on Instagram

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Like how many people are trying to become YouTube famous, both past and present, it seems as if a lot of people are also trying to make it in the Instagram world. In the past several years, becoming an "influencer" was the next rank in social media celebrity status and everyone wanted a taste of being a well-known influencer. Many of these influencers would receive big brand partnerships and would be gifted items or get paid to promote for brands like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and even Bud Light. Some people have worked their way long enough to be Insta-famous and some have taken the easy way out with buying their followers to make it look as if they are Insta-famous in order to get big brand partnerships.

Here's one thing that I've learned since I've started my side hustle in the Instagram world: you don't need so many followers in order to be recognized by brands. I started blogging in early 2019 because I needed a hobby and had way too many thoughts and ideas that needed to be shared with the world. As time went by, my follower growth was slow since I was just starting out. However, I didn't necessarily care about the number of followers I had. It was the I made connections with other up and coming content creators on Instagram that made it all worth it.


I connected with a New England blogger community where I was able to connect and network with for moral support and for tips on how to be able to grow as a content creator. Connecting and engaging with other creators is inspiring and you can learn a lot from each other. Along the way, I was able to work with small brands to promote some skin care items on Amazon and was able to work with a company called Sheertex where they specialized in indestructble panty hose. The free stuff to be able to create content with was great!

It wasn't until a year after I started blogging where I was reached out by Ulta Beauty to become a part of their UB Collective program, where they handpicked one person from each state in the country to represent the company. At first I was like, "how in the world is it me that they picked?" I had less than 2,000 followers at the time but of course, I had to say yes as it was the opportunity of a lifetime. It was then that I realized that it wasn't the number of followers that got me to this point: it was myself.

One of the things that I realize is that people want to start following others on social media for their authenticity and how they are as a person. A lot of influencers nowadays are posting about the same things, some are trying to be like the other, but how much can you do in order to show your true self? It's great to have a niche for content creation whether it's fashion, beauty, cooking, or fitness. Your lifestyle has inspired others and that's why they continue to follow your content. Some things I had to keep in mind as I continue to grow on Instagram aside from sticking to my niche and having high quality photos are: to be patient, don't worry about your numbers, and always be yourself. Remember, it is not a competition with others for the most followers or likes on a photo. It's about showcasing your talent and showing the world what you can do!

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