How To Buy Designer Items Without Spending A Fortune

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Luxury fashion appears to many as something only the richest of the rich can afford. $2,000 bags and $500 sweaters are a steep to many of us and we don't think we can afford the hefty price tags. However, there is way we can obtain these designer goods without spending our life savings. Luxury consignment shops have been popping up almost everyone in stores or online. Even on social media, many people are creating accounts to rehome their beloved pieces for less the retail price. Here are some helpful things to keep in mind while looking at pre-owned designer goods.

1. Make your purchase from trusted consignment shops

Buying from a consignment shop is also good for the environment and you're helping out small business owners in the meanwhile! However you want to make sure that they are a legit shop and not some shady side store selling fakes. Do your research on the shop, see if they have any customer reviews, and look closely at the products to make sure they are real. Another thing: websites like Poshmark and eBay should be used with caution. Sure a seller will say that the item is authentic but do not, I repeat, do not commit to an item until you've looked through all the pictures carefully and ask for additional information like a serial number from the seller. Not only you want to make sure the item is in good condition but you want to make sure the seller is legit. Send the seller a message so you can get more information on the item and to make sure the seller is giving you all the detils. I cannot tell you how many times I have been burned by a bad item all because I didn't look at the picture or request additional information. Luckily, most items on eBay and Poshmark are protected under a policy if the product that was sent to you isn't as described you can get your money back. But before you put yourself through the disappointment and the stress while trying to get your money back, think twice before you buy! Poshmark will also authenticate an item for you over a certain price point so if you are worried about an item not being authentic, there is a service you can request to have the item authenticated.

2. Searching for the right deal!

It is possible that designer items can go on sale whether it's pre-owned or past season! It all depends on what items will go on sale and when the sale will happen. Staying on top of all the upcoming sales by following social media accounts for stores like Nordstrom or Saks as well as sales associate accounts as they normally announce upcoming sample sales. Sales associates will privately announce these sales towards the end of the season as most designers want to make room for their next collection.

3. Make an offer!

One of the positive things about sites like Poshmark and eBay is the ability to make offers on certain items. There is nothing wrong with a little haggling when the seller is open to offers, especially if the condition of the item is priced higher than what it could be sold for. For example, if you find an older looking Louis Vuitton bag with worn out leather and fading, you wouldn't want to spend over $1,000 for the item right? Of course not. Don't settle for the higher price but do not lowball the seller. Make a reasonable offer and if the seller gives you a counteroffer, get a good feel of how much lower the seller can go and base your offer until they accept.

Designer items are not to be exclusive to the upper class and should be obtained by whoever wants them. If you follow these steps, you can save money on that Prada bag you've been eyeing for years!

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