DryBar's Straightening Tools: Brush Crush vs. Tress Press

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America's favorite blowout destination, The Drybar, have people lining up to get their hair styled for any occasion. Whether you have fine, thick, straight, or wavy hair, Drybar caters to all. If you don't have a Drybar within a close proximity, like me sadly, you can easily purchase their products so you can do your own hair blowout at home!

I've been using Drybar's products for about almost three years at this point and I will probably never go back. While I'm still getting used to perfecting the blowout techniques at home, I do like to straighten my wavy, hair on a daily basis. Drybar has two types of straightening tools, the Brush Crush straightening brush and the Tress Press flat iron. I decided to try both of these tools out to see which product worked best for my hair.

*this post is not sponsored by Drybar, all reviews are based on my own experiences.

Brush Crush (retail price $145, baby Brush Crush is $59)


The Brush Crush was the first straightening tool I purchased. The concept of a straighening hair brush was interesting to me and wanted to see how much of a difference it compared to a regular flat iron. While it did feel nice to brush my hair while straightening (as normally I would straighten a section, then brush my hair, straighten, then brush again..), it did not feel as if my hair straightened within the first brush stroke. I had to continue brushing one section at least a few times before I moved on to another section. Another thing about the Brush Crush was that the heat does not go up all the way. I assumed that this was one of the reasons why I had to repeat one section of my hair. I also could not get my hair to stay straight throughout the day and unfortunately, it did not control my frizz.

Tress Press (retail price $165)


I received the Tress Press iron as part of a campaign with the Ulta Beauty collective team and was more than excited to try this baby out. This straightening iron in the signature Drybar yellow makes it look sleek and high end. I tried it out after using their Liquid Glass shampoo & conditioner for a shiny, glassy look and finished my hair with their Chaser finishing cream. I can honestly say this was a tool worthwhile. Unlike the Brush Crush, there is a higher heat setting so you were able to see straighter results immediately.

The Winner Is: Tress Press straightening iron

From the way I talked about the two tools, it was a no brainer than the Tress Press is the winner just by how immediately straight my hair was compared to the Brush Crush. Another thing about the Tress Press is that it can also be used for loose waves/curls in your hair. Drybar's YouTube channel has hair tutorial videos on how to use the Tress Press for curls and other styling tips.

Other products to consider from Drybar:

The Liquid Glass shampoo & conditioner is good for those special occasion hair wash days. I do not recommend relying on this as an every day shampoo/conditioner since it does tend to be pricey and if you have drier hair like mine, you need more product to work into your hair. Other styling tools to use by Drybar consists of the Prep Rally prime & prep detangler to protect your hair from heat up to 450F degrees and the Chaser finishing cream for that healthy, shiny glow after styling. The Detox dry shampoo is also a classic and perfect for those non-hair washing days.

I highly recommend investing money into Drybar products, not just for the brand but also for the functionality and the quality of the product. I've spend more of my teen years/early 20's using cheap styling tools and while it worked best for my budget at the time, it didn't give me that sleek, healthy feel in my hair. With Drybar tools, I feel a lot more confident knowing that my hair is being taken care of by using high quality products.

Both tools are available at Ulta Beauty and Sephora in stores and online.

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