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Acne is the skin's worst enemy and we've all had our share of acne growing up. With today's new normal of mask wearing almost everywhere you go, the downside of it all is the darn zits that pop up around your chin area, also commonly known as "maskne".

Ever since I started working back in the office and masks have to be work throughout the entire work shift, I've had my share of maskne popping up here and there. Unfortunately, any normal skincare routine I had wasn't doing the trick. However, I've heard from many people that they were using acne patches to combat their acne. I had only used acne patches once or twice in the past but I used the drug store brands and unfortunately, that didn't do much with my skin. I did some research to see what was available at my local Sephora/Ulta and found the brand "Peace Out". The online reviews were promising but the price tag was $19 a package for 20 patches (so roughly $1 per patch). I decided to give these a try and see if they were worth the money. I was also prepared to not expect much due to my previous experience with acne patches but was okay with at least knowing if they did/didn't work out for me.

The packaging is very cute and one package comes with two packs of patches, 10 in each one, as well as a mini sample of their acne healing serum. During my first night using Peace Out, I did my nightly skincare routing and added the patches to the acne spots before bed. I left them on overnight and when I woke up the next morning, I noticed the redness had decreased but the acne bump was still there. I wasn't that all impressed the first night but when I looked at the back of the box, they mentioned to continue using the patches until you've reached your desired results.

I kept using the patches on one spot for the next week and continued to see ups and downs with the spot. One day the redness would come back, the other day the spot wouldn't do anything at all. When the bump got bigger, I added one more patch on that same spot and the next day, the grossness inside the zit was finally absorbed into the patch. Overall, it took me about 3-4 patches to fight that one spot. After two weeks of use, I started using the other packet which isn't too bad of a time frame for the product.


Over time I did start to see some results with the patches but just like the packaging said, continue to use the patches until the zit has completely disappeared. Unfortunately this isn't a "one-and-done" product. There are results with this product but it takes time and frequent use. Like many other reviews I read, this product should be used on big boy zits and not tiny two day zits. The way the patches work is that it is supposed to absorb the pus from underneath the zit so if there is not a lot for them to work with, you won't see much of a difference. The biggest downside to this product is the $19 price tag for 20 patches and because you have to use it so frequently, that $19 runs up quick. Would I buy this product again? Yes, but only for a zit that is worth $19 getting rid of. If you have the occasional, hormonal zit from time to time this would be a good item to have in your bathroom for those "just in case" moments but if you suffer from severe acne then I highly recommend finding another solution other than the patches if you're looking to combat acne all together.

Peace Out also comes with a different variety of skincare products to help with dark spots, wrinkles, and even puffy eyes. Peace Out is available to purchase online and in stores at Sephora.

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