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Louisiana School Secretary Resigns After Racist MLK Text Reaches Co-Worker. Oops! How Did That Happen?

Chibuzo Nwachuku
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A white supremacist who worked as a secretary at a Louisiana middle school was forced to vacate her position after she accidentally sent a racist text to another staff member on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Nelwyn Fontana resigned from her job at Ouachita Parish Junior High School after her hateful text message which referred to the holiday that honors the assassinated Baptist minister and human rights activist as "n****r day" went viral, though the community was not satisfied with the resignation.

The attention of the people of Louisiana got drawn to a post that had the text message of Fontana which was made on January 16, by Walter Geno McLaughlin, an activist and organizer. On the post was a video of Fontana and a screenshot of the text message with the slur to a coach at the school. The caption read "Nelwyn Fontana is office secretary at Ouachita Jr High in Monroe, LA and took time on this #MLKDay to let us know how she really feels about honoring Dr. King. What she didn't realize is that she accidentally sent her hate filled message to the wrong person."

The recipient was addressed as "coach". As shown on the screenshot, "coach" reacted to that racist text by texting the words "Huh? Say what? Where that come from."

After texting some words, Nelwyn texted that she did not mean to use that word, she apologized and asked for forgiveness. Source:

When I heard that this woman sent the message to the wrong person, I thought that the hateful message was meant for someone else. After looking at the text, I suspect that it is either that the coach is black or some other minority race and Nelwyn did not realize it, or the recipient is white and it led Nelwyn to assume that it would be okay to use that inappropriate word. I may not be sure of what "coach" looks like but I have heard of whites that got rid of their own for racism. Everyone makes mistakes. This woman made a mistake. If you send a text, it can't be undone. The recipient can keep it, show it or delete it. I warn you, just because someone is of your race does not mean he or she can not tell on you for racism. What are your thoughts?

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