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University Of Alabama Basketball Player Provided Gun Used To Kill A Woman. Smart Move?

Chibuzo Nwachuku

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A University of Alabama basketball star has been arrested after allegedly being associated with killing a woman. The now former basketball star Darius Miles, 21, has been charged with murder after the death of Jamea Jonae Harris, 23, who was a mother. Also charged with murder for the shooting which took place close to the university campus is Michael Lynn Davis, 20, who had no ties with the university. Davis did the shooting with a gun he got from Miles who still says he is innocent. Both men are being held without bond.

The shooting happened at around 1:45 a.m. on Sunday. Police who responded to the incident found Harris fatally shot in a vehicle, less than half a mile away from the University Campus.

According to her mother, DeCarla Cotton, Harris went to Tuscaloosa with her boyfriend to visit her cousin, a student of the school.

Jamea Jonae Harris, fatally shot near the University of AlabamaPhoto byFacebook

Cotton also mentioned hearing from the boyfriend that when the trio were getting a meal following an outing that night, a man got to Harris, flirting with her. She added that despite Harris turning her down, the man would not stop.

Cotton said that while the trio tried to leave, Harris' boyfriend in defense shot and struck a man who walked up to the car and shot at them. The wounded suspect who had a non-life threatening injury was arrested in a hospital where he received treatment.

Cotton also said that Harris was never a troublemaker and woke up daily to take care of her 5-year-old son.

The following day, the two made their first court appearances and are being held without bail. The witnesses testified that Davis was the shooter and got the weapon from Miles, according to Tuscaloosa Sheriff's Office Investigator Brendan Culpepper. The court document states that there is a surveillance video of the shooting. Source: https://www.cnn.com/2023/01/17/us/darius-miles-murder-charge-university-alabama-basketball-tuesday/index.html

Everyone makes mistakes. If Darius was not the one that made those advances then he made a big mistake. He should have known not to give the gun to anyone to commit crimes. It looks like he got himself implicated. This is going to throw away the life he has ahead of him. Also, men and women, if you ask someone out and the person turns you down, leave him or her alone. Instead of killing the person, look for someone else. I don't support other inmates assaulting an inmate doing time for harming humans but Davis never thought of that or the death penalty. People need to think before doing anything they intend to do. What are your thoughts of the incident?

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