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Paramedics Charged With Murder For Smothering Man. Really? Why?

Chibuzo Nwachuku

Eric Moore JrPhoto bySamantha Cutler

Peter Cadigan and Peggy Finley, accused of improperly restraining Earl Moore Jr.Photo bySantoshi Budha Chhetri/Genius Celebs

Two paramedics are legally in hot water after a man died in their hands in Springfield, Illinois. Peggy Finley, 44, and Peter Cadigan, 50, got charged following the death of Earl Moore Jr. on December 18 which was due to them improperly restraining him for an ambulance trip. They put him face down on a stretcher and strapped him tight enough for him to suffocate.

On January 9, Finley and Cadigan were both charged with first-degree murder. They are looking at 20 to 60 years in prison. Earlier that day they were arrested and detained with bond set at $1 million, following an autopsy report by forensic pathologist Dr. Scott Denton which shows that Moore died due to "compressional and positional asphyxia" from placing him in that prone position on the stretcher.

Moore who till his death was an employee and shift manager at McDonald's reportedly called 911 saying "he saw multiple people inside with guns." The cops patiently estimated his situational awareness after a woman expressed her concerns about his hallucination upon their arrival.


Having responded to a call by the police for an ambulance, the two paramedics found Moore on the floor in his bedroom(click link above to see video on article). He had rolled off his bed. With abusive attitudes, they asked him to stand up. No compassion was shown for him. Finley is seen pulling him by the arm. The cops displaying similar attitude ironically managed to help him out. You could hear a female voice (that of Finley) urging Moor to get head-first on the gurney. He was put like that on the gurney with Cadigan slamming his head on it. Sources: https://atlantablackstar.com/2023/01/11/it-was-hostile-paramedics-charged-with-murder-after-hallucinating-black-man-dies-in-their-care/, https://www.illinoistimes.com/springfield/ems-workers-face-murder-charges/Content?oid=16299572

The actions of the paramedics were despicable and disgusting. If you don't like to work on humans for a living and you can't focus on the money and think of the trouble you could get into, why would you spend money and time to get qualified for it? These two acted against their own protocol. They were trained not to put someone face-down on a stretcher. They knew their actions would cause death. They murdered Moore. To the delight of his family members, they have been charged. They should get the sentence they deserve. People that want justice would like inmates to have access to them, I feel it for them but they were terrible. What do you think about the incident?

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