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Officer That Killed A Man, Indicted 4 Years Later. Why Not Then?

Chibuzo Nwachuku
Families and loved ones of Jimmy Atchison seeking justice.Photo byFox 5 Atlanta Digital Team

Three years after fatally shooting an unarmed man in Atlanta, Georgia then on duty as a cop, retired police officer was indicted on in December 2022. The former officer Sung Kim was indicted on charges in connection to the fatal shooting of 21-year-old Jimmy Atchison back in January 2019. The charges according to Jeff DiSantis, a spokesman for the DA's office are "felony murder, involuntary manslaughter and violation of oath by public officer". The shooting occurred on January 22, 2019 following a foot chase by an FBI task force including Kim. The police claimed that Atchison stole a woman's purse and cellphone though a witness disputed it, claiming the allegation was based on fabrication made by the woman that Atchison allegedly robbed. Atchison led the officers in the chase through an apartment complex, entered an apartment and hid in a closet. The longtime officer Kim who per-FBI had no body camera found Atchison and shot him. He claimed his victim made a threatening move which convinced him to shoot Atchison. According to family members, Atchison raised his hands, showing he surrendered when he was shot in the face. It turned out he was not armed.

Lawyers on behalf of Atchison's two daughters filed a wrongful death suit against the city of Atlanta in 2o2o. The daughters said they would go for $20 million. Sources:,

Opinion: It is still a habit that when a black person is assaulted, injured, killed or done any other bad thing by a cop, race is brought in and people that write articles of such an incident, they mention the race in the titles which I as a black person don't unless the cop shows he or she is racist. However I understand why race is brought in. It is interesting that a lot of cops would secretly kill innocent blacks or blacks that commit a misdemeanor but give whites that commit felonies a chance, arresting them and giving them rides to jail, with food from Burger King on the way. I am not sure of if the claim of robbery is true or false but I do not think the witness would gain anything from lying. It is likely that the officer took advantage of the FBI policy against wearing a body camera, killing without justification. Even though he is Asian not Caucasian, he probably killed Atchison being black because of race soldiers that give minority cops that white privilege. If that is what happened then it is like the deadly shooting of Akai Gurley by officer Peter Liang who was convicted but had his conviction reduced to negligent homicide. It is disappointing to wait 3 years to indict a killer cop. The police and justice systems have lots of people that are not fair to blacks despite the taxes we pay. There are race soldiers and crooked people involved in the justice system. This is why some blacks left America.

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