Why You are Stopped at the Door at Walmart


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Being stopped as you exit the store at Walmart doesn't mean that you are being accused of stealing. I have worked at the door. There is a system in place for all people entering the store. Here are the facts:

Having a large item that isn't bagged will trigger a stop at the door. It is obvious that it is there. It is not in a bag. Sometimes a cashier will not notice the item, or you might forget it if it is under the cart. No one is assuming that you intended to steal it. It isn't necessarily an expensive item, although it might be. People forget things under their carts and cashiers, who aren't paying attention, might miss them. 99% of cashiers will see it, but the store will check. People wonder why they don't just put some kind of sticker on it. Well, stickers can be peeled off and stuck on something else, or, you can buy stickers. That makes them useless.

If you do not come from the front registers they will ask to see your receipt, and they are looking. While there are other registers in the store, most people go through the ones at the front. If you went through the registers in electronics, your product might set off an alarm. You will be stopped to make sure that the cashier in the back of the store scanned every item.

Of course, they are going to check your receipt if the alarm goes off. Again, it doesn't mean that anyone thinks you are stealing. The registers are supposed to deactivate the tags on items, but they don't always work. If the alarm goes off, they have to make sure that everything was scanned correctly. That only makes sense. You might be embarrassed, but there is no need. Most people have been through that experience, including the person who has to check your receipt. Everybody understands how those work. If it is Tuesday at 3:23 PM, it is going to go off, because.

This can also work in your favor. If a cashier scans in five of an item instead of four, you can get your money back immediately rather than going home, figuring it out, and having to go back. Of course, many people decide not to go back. I don’t like losing a penny. Imagine how much Walmart makes on all of those pennies!

If you are stealing something and go through the door, expect to meet asset protection waiting on the other side to greet you. If you are a repeat offender, you might even get to say hello to some of your city's police officers. Asset Protection has been watching you since you entered the store.

Asset Protection Hosts, the people at the door, have a job to do. They don't think about it. There are rules that they follow. Just show the receipt and you will be out the door. Arguing is on your time.

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