Have church members been groomed, programmed, and conditioned to tithe?

Cheryl E Preston
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Is forced tithing programming church members?

The issue of mandated tithing has been at the forefront of Virginia news and now made its way to The Christian Post a national magazine. This is because Sally Garrison a lifelong church member was not allowed to be buried in the cemetery of First Baptist Church Hollins, because she was no longer tithing.

Ms. Garrison was ill and shut-in and gave what she could but her name was removed from the church membership roll because she did not consistently send in that dime. Among the comments on the CP article at least two of them compared forced tithing to grooming, programming, and conditioning. One stated the following.

Amen brother. The sad thing is, far too many gullible congregants have been groomed - over the corridors of time - programmed and conditioned to pay weekly tithes. It's illegal.
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Have you been conditioned to tithe?

The dictionary definition of grooming is as follows: the practice of preparing or training someone for a particular purpose or activity: Consider what the other commenter said.

The church has already earned it's bad reputation (CF01) by enslaving the congregation into paying weekly tithes, with threats that say:- ''You are robbing God'' when all the time it's the pastor robbing the flock. Unfortunately, many churchgoers have been groomed, programmed and conditioned for decades to contribute 10% of their income. This is illegal and unbiblical. May GOD deal with him severely for his GODLESS selfish attitudes towards this dear sister.
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Are you being manipulated?

The issue regarding giving 10% comes down to whether it is a choice or by force. When you hear every Sunday for decades that you will be cursed if you don't tithe, it affects you. If you tithe because you are told that God won't bless you if you don't give the dime, is that manipulation?

If you give your 10 % to hold onto leadership positions or to not be put out of church are you but a puppet on a string? For everyone who quote "Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse," there are others who give scriptures that counter that verse. Click here for the details.

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Are you being groomed week after week?

In some churches, more sermons are preached on the evils of withholding the tithe than about Jesus which should be a red flag. This becomes a part of you and it becomes automatic and robotic. In some churches I have attended there is an offering mantra where people declare blessings because they have tithed week after week. it's engrained in you and you defend the practice to others and chastise them if they speak against it.

This is possibly why Richmond, Virginia native Russell Wilson is defending the practice of Churchome forcing employees to tithe from their gross paycheck and he does not understand that the employees don't want their money taken against their freewill choice.

It's not your free will if someone else is telling you what to do with your money. Give nothing, give your dime, give 20, 30, or 50 percent or more if you choose but let consider whether or not it is your own decision and not because you have been groomed, conditioned, programmed, or manipulated to give.

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