The Asian tiger mosquito is the most invasive in Virginia

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Asian tiger mosquito is dominent in Virginia

Most people in the Commonwealth associate mosquitoes with lowland swamps, coastal salt marshes, and other similar watery environments. While this is true for many residents in the state it is the mosquitoes that develop in less obvious locations that are most likely to create problems. There are 50 species of mosquitos in the Commonwealth but The Virginia Mosquito Control Association reports the one most likely to be biting in the state is the invasive species Asian tiger mosquito.

In the mid-1980s the Asian tiger mosquito came to the US inside of crates of used tires that were shipped from Northern Asia. Also known as the forest mosquito this is an aggressive biter that feeds primarily during the day and the host range is broad including humans, birds, and domestic and wild animals. The Asian tiger mosquito is known for it's black color wth white spots and is a potential vector (a living organism that transmits an infectious agent from an infected animal to a human or another animal) of encephalitis, yellow fever, dog heartworm, western equine encephalomyelitis viruses, and West Nile virus.

Preventative measures and after care

If you are bitten by an Asian tiger mosquito an antihistamine is a must-have to relieve you from the itchiness and reduce the swelling. An ice pack or cold compress will also help to alleviate the symptoms including any swelling. Hydrocortisone creams or calamine lotion will also help minimise any discomfort you may experience.

Mosquitoes are most active between the hours of dusk to dawn so the best way to prevent being bit by the Asian tiger mosquito is to minimize the time you spend outdoors during these hours. You should also make sure you are wearing shoes, socks,long sleeve shirts and long pants when you will be outside for long periods of time during the hours mosquitoes are most active. Make sure your door and window screens are fitting properly and also use an insect repellent.

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