Costco Customers be cautious when you eat the Rotisserie Chicken

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Did Costco change the recipe for their rotisserie chicken?

Costo is a wholesale company that began in 1976 and has been using the current name since 1983. They offer many different items to customers including food and specialize in one-stop shopping, similar to Walmart. There are warehouses in 46 US states and 16 Costco locations spread throughout Virginia which you will find by clicking on the link. Shoppers who purchase the rotisserie chicken should be aware that there have been complaints about the taste in recent months so if you have noticed something different in the flavor it is not your imagination.

Women's Health is reporting that customers have been complaining of a strange chemical taste in the rotisserie chicken that some say reminds them of chlorine. At this time Costco has not responded but here is what customers are saying on a Reddit thread.
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Customer complaints

"I was at Costco today and bought my rotisserie chicken just like every time I'm there. We tasted it and it has a distinct chemical flavor to it, really off putting. Same thing happened last time, about 3 weeks ago. This was never a problem before, been buying it for years, has something changed recently?" the original poster, MillennialModernMan wrote.
"Yes, I’ve noticed a distinct chlorine-like taste. I’ve stopped eating it, about a year(?) ago due to the strange chemical taste. I use the Albany, OR store," they wrote.
At the warehouse i work at, i don’t know about other warehouses, but we get chicken from two suppliers. For my coworkers and I, we don’t really like the chicken from one of them and just refer to it as bad chicken. It doesn’t cook really well as the one from the other supplier, and i’ve heard the taste isn’t really good," the Reddit user wrote.
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Even a cat turned up her nose at the different flavor

Bon Apetit reveals that Costco customers are saying they believe the ingredients must have changed because the rotisserie chicken now tastes "soapy". One person even said that their cat who basically lives on Costco rotisserie chicken will no longer eat it.

“Thinking that maybe it was just the one chicken, I bought her another, and then another, and she won’t touch any of it.”
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Learn more about Costco rotisserie chickens

The locations of those complaining were not revealed so it's not clear if these are isolated incidents or if it is nationwide. There also have been no reports of anyone getting sick so Virginia shoppers purchase and eat at your own risk. Costo rotisserie chickens are preseasoned and ready to cook when they arrive at the stores. A list of the known ingredients is available at this link.

The whole chicken for $4.99 had been considered a bargain for shoppers but now as complaints raise it probably will not be selling very well. Be on the lookout for updates to explain why Costco rotisserie chicken tastes "soapy, like chlorine, and chemicals".

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