Move Over law expansion will save lives in Virginia

Cheryl E Preston
New law should decrease roadside incidentsPhoto byWDBJ 7 video screenshot

A new law should decrease roadside accidents and deaths

One of the saddest things to hear about is someone who survived an accident or stopped to assist a motorist in destress and was hit and or killed while they were standing on the side of the road. In Virginia, AAA says 28 people have died on roadsides when they were hit while outside of a disabled vehicle because someone did not slow down and move over. It's not always possible to get into the other lane but everyone can slow down when they see other vehicles on the side of the road.

Governor Glen Younkin has decided to do something about it and among the hundreds of bills he recently signed he expanded the "Move Over Law" which is certain to decrease accidents and save lives. It will go into effect on July 1 and now includes any stationary vehicle on the side of the road that has hazard lights on, or has a warning sign, like a flare or emergency triangle.

Roadside is what we do at AAA, and the one thing that we know is even before our crews are there or before an ambulance or before a fire truck or law enforcement officers get there, the danger starts the moment that vehicle stops on the side. This law helps protect those people too,” said Morgan Dean, AAA spokesperson.

Virginians should comply with the expanded Move Over law

The expanded law means if you are driving and see a vehicle, on the roadside you will need to slow down and try to make a lane change if it’s safe to do so. The key will be getting Virginians to obey the law and not speed by accidents or cars that have stalled on the side of the road. I have noticed lately while driving in Roanoke that other drivers have pulled up on top of me, honked their horns or sped by me because I was doing the speed limit.

On two occasions I've had drivers to pass me on the right side in the gravel of two-lane roads which is definitely against the law and dangerous. Hopefully, as news spreads regarding the Move Over law expansion Virginia drivers will take heed and lives will be saved.

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