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Terminally ill Williamsburg man's plight exposes the realities of homelessness

Cheryl E Preston

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Williamsburg man needs assistance ASAP

There is a stigma surrounding homelessness and some of those who have never experienced hard times think it's a matter of pulling themselves up by the bootstraps. Some believe that the homeless are mostly alcoholics or addicts who simply need to get clean and sober or lazy individuals who do not want to work but the plight of Edward Howard a Williamsburg man exposes the realities of what many of the homeless face and why.

I have heard people say they worked hard and came out of poverty and or homelessness and don't understand why others don't do the same. but each situation is different. WAVY News is reporting the Howard will soon be homeless through no fault of his own. He has been diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer and is so tired he can no longer work as a mechanic. He had been living in his RV for 6 years at various campgrounds but now his $800 monthly disability check will not cover his expenses along with his medical bills

He applied for Section 8 housing but his case manager says it may take up to a year and time is something Howard does not have. If he is too weak to work he may not feel up to long online searches, waiting on hold for phone calls or going to in-person visits seeking other assistance. Edward Howard needs help now. Perhaps his situation will open the eyes of those who think anyone who is homeless just is not trying hard enough. Hopefully, it will also open the hearts of people who have the resources to assist him with somewhere to park his RV in Williamsburg and support him as he fights for his life.

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