Will the Pawpaw or Pomelo become the favorite fruit in Virginia?

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Virginia may soon have a state fruit

Virginia is known for its delicious apples and I know people who believe watermelon is king in these parts but when it comes to an official State fruit in the Commonwealth there is none. Some Virginians, however, believe the pawpaw should be the top banana or rather the number one fruit, and a bill HB592 is sitting on Capitol Hill waiting for legislators to make the pawpaw Virginia's premiere fruit.

I've never seen a pawpaw and the onlything I overheard about them was when my great grandmother Flornce would sing a song about "Way down yonder in the pawpaw patch." I have no idea why this is being touted as the choice for Virginia's state fruit and I amcuriosu about another matter. I've lived in the Old Dominion all my life so imagine my surprise to find that according to Edible arrangements, the favorite fruit of this State is a pomelo.

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Is a pomelo really the favorite fruit in the Commonwealth?

I had never heard of a pomelo and Edible Arrangements is the only site that claims it to be favored in Virginia and I wish I knew why. This fruit is related to and said to taste like a grapefruit only sweeter and can grow as large as a cantaloupe. I remember someone once gave me some fruit and I was embarrassed to ask what it was. I recall it was bigger than a grapefruit but not quite the size of a cantaloupe so now I wonder if may have been a pomelo.

The pomelo hails from Asia and is also spelled Pummelo and is said to be plentiful at George Washington's Monticello home. I have no idea how the pawpaw or the pomelo became so popularbut somewhere in Virginia there are citizens who think highly of them both.

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