There are scientific health benefits related to time spent outdoors in the fresh air

Cheryl E Preston
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Virginia is for lovers of the great outdoors

Virginia is for Outdoor Lovers and science has proven that those who enjoy the fresh air on greenways, mountain trails, and state parks receive health perks. Surrounding yourself with nature in the Commonwealth can benefit your mind and body in many ways. The number one way the great outdoors affects your health is by reducing the risk of early death. This is more than likely a culmination of all the other ways fresh air improves your life.

Spending time outside improves mental clarity

Virginia State Parks offer many outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, boating, fishing, canoeing, and more. When you hike, walk on a trail, climb a mountain or spend time at a park the fresh air or in the water, it helps you relax and restores mental energy. Taking advantage of the great outdoors of Virginia will improve mental clarity, and concentration, reduce stress, and help you have sharper thinking and increased creativity. Aggression and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) are said to decrease when you spend time outdoors.

Physical wellness that comes from time spent outdoors

Fresh air is also said to boost the immune system, promote better sleep quality and may also have the ability to prevent cancer.

studies have shown that time in nature — as long as people feel safe — is an antidote for stress: It can lower blood pressure and stress hormone levels, reduce nervous system arousal, enhance immune system function, increase self-esteem, reduce anxiety, and improve mood.

Another benefit is that walking and exercising will burn calories and reduce fat so as you begin making plans for the spring and summer do yourself a favor and find a way to spend time in the many beautiful outdoor spaces in Virginia.

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