Will Meghan Markle ever get a break from extreme hate?

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Vitriol comes with being a royal

Diana Princess of Wales was hounded by the press and referred to as "Shy Di" early on which was not a negative nickname. Her sister-in-law Sarah Ferguson the Duchess of York however was called the Duchess of Pork by which was ugly. Queen Consort Camilla Parker Bowles was on the receiving end of annimosity from the British people when she was accused of breaking up the marriage of Diana and then Prince Charles so the jabs coming against Meghan Markle is par for the course of a royal except she also has racism to deal with. The tricky thing is some that calling her names might be doing so as a way to hide their racism.

Celebrating the Soaps which until recently had articles related to daytime and nighttime drama series now has an article where Duchess of Sussex is said to be afraid to attend the coronation and was referred to as Princess Pinochio. This ugly moniker was coined by Royal comentator Piers Morgan who has come under fire for the vitriol he has expressed regarding Markle and his "weird obsession" with her. The soap spoiler also quoted royal biographer Angela Levine who has also made scathing remaks about Markle.

Levine has been called one of the most virulently anti-Meghan figures in the British media, which is saying something since Markle bashing has become a highly profitable sport in the press on this side of the ocean.

There does not seem to be an end in sight

It's one thing to say you don't like an outfit or hair style Meghan is wearing or even critiquing a comment she made or an action she took but ugly things are said about the wife of Prince Harry without any basis at all. According to Pajiba Levine seems to "whipped into a frenzy" where Megan Markle is concerned and has been criticized for promoting fake pregnancy stories about the Duchess and engaging Megan haters on Twitter.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle married in 2018 and have withstood 5 years and one has to wonder if the Duchess will ever get a break? Sadly at this point it does not look like it will be any time soon at least not until the coronation of King Charles II is over and everyone finds out whether or not Harry and Meghan attend.

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