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The History of Virginia is captured in the architecture of the first Temple of the Lord in Glen Allen

Cheryl E Preston
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Latter Day Saints-House of the Lord.Photo byLatter Day Saints video screenshot

Latter Day Saints have completed a new temple in the Richmond area

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has paid tribute to the State of Virginia in the architecture of a new temple in Glen Allen The House of the Lord. There are 176 of these structures throughout the US and unlike church buildings and meeting houses where everyone is welcome only faithful Latter-Day Saints can use the temple building according to the organization's website . Ashlee Setter a local member gave an explanation about the new structure.

The design of the temple reflects the local historical vernacular, a blend of Georgian, Federal and Jeffersonian architecture, adapted from European styles. The temple site is set with a backdrop of dense wooded growth. The paths, lighting and landscaping are inspired by the gardens and grounds of historic Williamsburg, Virginia.

The dogwood plants were chosen as part of the landscape because they are the state tree and state lower and matched the design of the interior of the building. Local trees, hedges and flowers-magnolias, boixwood, white oak and Virginia bluebells dominate the temple’s interior and exterior.

“The temple isn’t just the Church of Jesus Christ’s temple,” . “It’s Virginia’s temple. You’ll recognize the architecture. It really captures that history of Virginia in its architecture. So, you’ll feel a sense of connection to it. You’ll feel a sense of Virginia and a sense of community. You’ll feel like it’s yours.”

Invited guests will be able to tour the House of the Lord from March 21-24 and the public is invited to tour the building between March 25-April 15. Elder Kevin R. Duncan, executive director of the Temple Department gave his views.

A temple is a symbol,” “Wherever one is, it’s a symbol that Jesus Christ is there. Inside, we learn about who we are and our eternal potential. We learn about what Heavenly Father really has in store for us if we follow Jesus Christ—and that only in and through Jesus Christ can we return to our Heavenly Father.”

12 on Your SIde Tsays plans were first made for this new building in 2018 and construction because
in 2020. This structure differs from the others because it ha a Virginia theme and flavor.The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints House of the Lord will be dedicate in two ceremonies on May 7 at 10:00 AM and 1:30 PM.

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