Atheist Day and National Atheist Day are separate events observed in March and April

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Atheist Day is March 23 and National Atheist Day is April 1.Photo byKristina VonUnsplash

Atheist Day is March 23

Many Americans celebrate faith-based holidays and occasions like Lent, Passover, Good Friday, and Easter/Resurrection Sunday in March and April but have no idea that those who are not religious have two special dates in these months also. Atheist Day and National Atheist Day are two separate occasions with a common goal.

March 23 is when Atheist Day tasks place and is an occasion for those who do not believe in a Higher Power to get together. Atheism says the existence of God cannot be proved or disproved and is said to go back as far as 500 BC when even some of those who were raised in Judaism revealed they did not believe in God.

The term ‘atheism’ first emerged in medieval Europe more than 400 years ago and was used to describe those who rejected the thought of a higher power. In the present day, there are said to be over 4,000 religions in this world, and almost every one of them has associated festivals and observances. Although atheists do not believe in a God, they, too, chose a special day to be set aside, hence the creation of Atheist Day.

National Atheist Day is April 1

National Atheist Day is on April 1 which is also April Fool's Day and perhaps is no coincidence. It is alleged that an unnamed Atheist got the ACLU involved because with so many religions in the world with special days and nonbelievers had the same right. On both of these dates, Atheists are encouraged to share with others why they don't believe there is a God. Whether you agree or disagree in America everyone has the right to religious freedom as well as freedom from religion.

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