Wendy Williams details her ex-husbands actions that broke her heart

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Wendy Williams opens up about her ex and his mistress

In an emotional video Wendy Williams let fans know the root of all of her recent issues. The former talk show host was crying as she outlined the heartbreak that came after Kevin Hunter let her for his mistress and the way he handled the situation. During the interview Wendy says she saw her ex-husband's mistress Sherina Hudson in the passenger seat of her Rolls Royce Ferrari and in the midst she had to remain calm as a mother to her son Kevin and hold her self together each morning on her talk show. This was a lot of pressure and Wendy is to be commended for handling things as well as she did.

Wendy said when she was dealing with the heartbreak she could not talk to family members about her situation because she was still in love with her husband and she knew they would tell her to just leave. In the midst of it all Wendy was ordered too pay alimony to her ex so her hard work was taking care of her cheating spouse and his mistress. This is a lot to deal with and to add insult to injury Kevin has praised his girlfriend for the success for his ex-wife's talk show.

Hunter's behavior affected Wendy deeply

What really pushed Wendy over the edge was finding out that Kevin ad Sherina were having a baby together. Wendy said on air that adultery is one thing but a baby is something different. Last February Williams stopped the alimony payments not long after Kevin allegedly said he needed Wendy's money to survive and now there is a girlfriend and a baby who would be living off of Wendy's money.

Hunter has even tried to take credit for his ex-wife's success but on a good note Wendy Williams stopped the monthly payments to Kevin Hunter last February and when he took her to court a judge upheld the decision and told the couple to go to mediation. Hopefully the former talk show host can continue to heal and will not have to use her hard earned money to take care of a cheating ex husband, his girlfriend and their baby.

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