Prince William is being applauded for PDA with Princess Kate

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Prince William kisses Princess KatePhoto byThe Daily Beast Youtube screenshot

Royal watchers are please with Prince William's recent behavior

When it comes to the royal family the tide of public opinion changes within minutes. After the death of Queen Elizabeth the Fab Four went on a walkabout that elicited different emotions from the viewing public..Some accused Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of being too touchy feely while the majority praised the prince for looking out for his wife. The duo held hands and Harry often put his hand on Meghan's back. Prince William and Kate Middleton were called out for not exhibiting PDA (Public displays of affection) and the Prince of Wales was criticized for not opening a car door for his wife.

Now five months later the tide has turned and the future king is being celebrated because he is expressing affection for Princess Kate in public. One never knows if the stories in the press are really about William and Kate or a way to take jabs at Harry and Meghan but Newsweek is revealing comments that have recently been online. It's being reported that when the royal couple visited Boston in December William was unable to keep his hands off of his wife. This is in stark contrast to the complaints that he did not display enough affection for Kate last September.

Such a gentleman caring for his lady,"
"He's protective over her. He's always giving her reassuring body language at events like placing his hand on her back and making eye contact."
"A real prince charming! Kate for queen yo,"

For now the future king seems to be in the good graces of the public eye but that could change by the time you finish reading this article.

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