Prince William's anger towards Prince Harry could be a problem during the coronation of King Charles

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Prince William is reportedly angry with Prince Harry

Royal insiders have been saying for quite some time that Prince William is harboring harsh feelings toward his brother Prince Harry. First, it was related to Harry's choice of Meghan Markle for a wife and things escalated after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to leave royal life and the UK. Next came Harry's tell-all book Spare and a string of interviews where he share his version of issues with the future king and said William knocked him on the floor during an altercation.

Now royal sources as well as friends of Prince William suggest that his anger has not subsided and could cause problems if Prince Harry decides to attend the coronation of King Charles on May 6. William is said to be dealing with strong emotions where is younger siblings are concerned and it's being alleged that if he had his way the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would not be involved in the big royal event.

Prince William will be forced to play nice

King Charles desires his coronation to go as smoothly as possible and believes his youngest son's absence would cause more drama than his appearance. William's representatives, however, say the heir to the throne is concerned that Harry might pull some type of stunt to divert attention to himself. It has been reported that after Queen Elizabeth died Harry and Meghan were going to do their own walkabout but William got ahead of them by organizing the event where the "Fab Four" walked together.

Prince William is the future king and it wouldn't look good if he was not able to contain his anger toward his brother during the ceremonies for their father. There is also concern that anything that is said between the royal siblings might end up in a book or in an interview so William must play it safe. His friends say he will go along with whatever King Charles decides and it is being reported that the monarch does want Prince Harry and Megha Markle on hand.

If the Duke and Duchess do attend the coronation they will be guests and not have any official role but at some point, the brothers will see each other face to face. Hopefully, Prince William can contain his ire for the greater good because all eyes will be upon him.

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