Recent studies suggest that soy protein can lower blood pressure and cholesterol

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Soy products may benefit cholesterol and blood pressure numbers

When it comes to hypertension and elevated cholesterol they can be a deadly combination that leads to cardiovascular issues including heart attack and stroke. There are many commercial products on the market as well as prescription drugs that are marketed as being successful but not everyone desires to go that route. In recent years a plant-based diet that includes soy. has also been shown to be beneficial for keeping blood pressure and cholesterol numbers in acceptable ranges.

Soy products like soy milk may be useful for those who do not have allergies to soy protein because in 2021 an interesting factor was found about this plant food. Soy has cardiometabolic effects and can not only reduce cholesterol and blood pressure but also decrease inflammation markers in adults. Many aging adults are looking for natural alternatives to prescription meds for hypertension and elevated cholesterol because they have side effects.
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Soy protein can bebeneficial

In a study done by the Journal of Medicine in April 2019, it was revealed that "eating 25 grams of soy protein per day, over a six-week period, lowered LDL levels by about 3% to 4%, which is a small but still significant amount." The Mayo Clinic concurs that soy-based products have a small but steady and reliable effect in decreasing cholesterol.

Science Direct reported in 2021 "Our results suggest that soy intake is associated with an ameliorating effect on blood pressure in adults".If you are not allergic to soy products you might want to try adding them to your diet and find out for yourself if they may be able to assist you with maintaining healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

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