Baby Boomers born between 1954-1965 have been re-labeled Generation Jones

Cheryl E Preston
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Is Generation Jones acceptable?

If you have been a proud baby boomer born between 1946-1964 all of your life it turns out you might have been mislabeled. Today those of us born between 1954-1965 have been re-labeled Generation Jones. I was born in 1958 and my brother in 1960 and we have always identified as boomers so I don't think we will change now. We have a cultural commentator by the name of Jonathan Pontell, to thank for this new label and for identifying those born in the US from 1954 to 1965 in the U.S., as Jonsers.

Pontell came this conclusion because we were children and teenagers during the Watergate scandal, the oil crisis, and stagflation "rather than during the 1950s, but slightly before Gen X." I'm not sure who made this fellow Lord and master to change decades of history and our identifying as proud babyboomer sbut I for one at 65 will never refer to myself or anyone else as Generaltion Jones. This new label is said to be a reference to "Keeping up with the Joneses" which suggests a competitive nature and trying to outdo your tneighbor's success and financial status.
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Baby Boomers on both ends of the spectrum have common denominators

Boomers were placed in this sub category because those on the older side 1946-1953 experienced Woodstock while we were in preschool.I was 11 during Wodstock and can recall seeing images on television. I was 5 when Presodent enedy was assassinated and 10 when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was killed and have vivid memories of what Iwas doing when each of their funerals were o television.

This invalidates the notion that younger oomers/Joners did not experience the same thing as the older ones. The original intent of identifying Americans born between 1946-1964 as Baby Boomers is because these were the years when there was a boom in babies being born and perhaps it should have been left with that one thing that connects us. Boomers are said to be fondd of traditional values and have a strong work ethic and I believe this incorporates most of those born with in the entire 18 year span.

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