The Young and the Restless fans don't like what the writers are doing to Peter Bergman and Jack Abbott

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Y&R fans don't like the direction Peter Bergman's character has taken

Across social media loyal fans of The Young and the Restless are making their voices heard when it comes to a specific couple. With a resounding "No" fans of various ages do not desire to see love scenes with Jack Abbott (Peter Bregman)and Diane Jenkins (Cynthis Walters). Bergman is 69 and Walters 59 and while some of the comments are age-related most are about the destination of the character Jack and the over-sexualization of daytime.

Years ago they went to a hotel or upstairs and the rest was left to the imagination!
Tired of Jack and Diane bedroom scenes, they scare my dog - make it stop!
Hey. Yer all gonna be there one day and yer all gonna know what its like to lose the respect that younger people are sucking up...based on what. Skin elasticity? Youth truly is wasted on the young. Especially now, in this time we live in. Senior relationships should be portrayed in a different light on camera. Lets face it. Movies were created for fantasy and visual perfection. Its an escape from the ugliness of life. So okay, following that vein, in the name of art maybe the producers must hone their visual expression to film only that which is pleasing to the eye of the viewer.
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Y&R fans don't want Jack with Diane

Those who watch The Young and the Restless wanted to see more of Jack onscreen and were hoping he would find lasting love and be happy like Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) and Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott). Instead, Jack has fallen for Diane who is a con artist who has broken his heart in the past and now he has become a thief by breaking into Victor ad Nikki's safe and stealing a necklace.

The vitriolic comments pertaining to the age of the actors are disconcerting. Frankly, I find these scenes puke worthy because of the subterfuge going on with DD. AND the dessimation of Jack's character. It simply is not in line with the years long portrayal of his character. How will he ever recover from this evident lack of lucidity? Will senility take the blame? Or sudden out of character, stupidity???

Peter Bergman is a long-time cast member and Jack Abbott is a legacy character on the soap and the writers are not showing him the proper respect. Many viewers feel Jack is worthy of much better than what The Young and the Restless writers are giving him and feel empathy for the actor and his character who deserve so much better.

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