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Haunted Radford: The disappearing phantom

Cheryl E Preston

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A Sunday night gone wrong

Radford has many ghost tales as do most small towns in Virginia and some are connected to the University and nearby off-campus apartments. In the summer of 2008 my son was a senior at Radford University and had a spooky encounter one night. Although he had his own off-campus apartment he often returned home to Roanoke on weekends. When he did he usually went back to school in the early evening. On this particular Sunday, he did not prepare to leave until 11:30 pm. It was raining and I asked if he could go back in the morning and he said he might not get up in time to make his first class.

Junior left home at 11:00 pm and I had a feeling of apprehension and decided to remain on the couch in the living room until he called to say he had made it safely. He always took the Interstate and notified me in about 50 minutes. I prayed for his safety and at some point, I fell asleep. I dreamed was in a vehicle that was driving down 460 West near Radford in the rain. I woke up with that same feeling of doom but I consoled myself by saying my son was not on 460 because he always took the Interstate.

I looked at the clock and saw it was 11:57 and I panicked because Junior. should have been back in his apartment and called me by now. I began praying and exactly at midnight the phone rang and I knew it was bad news. It was my son and he said he had indeed driven down 460 and his car stopped about a mile away from his apartment. he was trying to start it and said he saw what looked like a man dressed in white walking towards him but on the left side of the roa

A phantom appears

Junior said whatever it was walked with a limp and looked like a phantom from a horror film and an eerie feeling was in the air so I prayed for help in Jesus' Name. immediately the car started and my son said the apparition simply disappeared a few feet from him. He returned safely to his apartment and never had such an incident again.

DId my son see an image frozen in time of a past event of a patient or employee of the old St. Albans Sanitorium that is not too far away from the University where there is alleged paranormal activity? Please note this is not the same facility as the Carillion-run Saint Albans.

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