Willow and Carly are infuriating General Hospital fans

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Fans want Carly and Willow to tell the truth

General Hospital viewers are speaking out on social media about their frustration with Willow Tait (Katelyn McMullen) and Carly Spencer ( Laura Wright). Both women’s behavior defies logic even in Port Charles. Carly has attempted to pay off Denise McKenzie (Alex Reitveld) to lie to Drew Cain (Cameron Matthison) about Willow's birth mom but Denise wants more money. Fans are angry that Carly has lied about Nina Reeves ( Susan Watros) being Willow's mom and now going to great lengths to keep it a secret.

Those who watch General Hospital are also frustrated that WIllow has allowed herself to get to stage 4 with leukemia and seems so nonchalant about a disease that kills. Anyone who has ever been diagnosed with leukemia or helped a loved one deal with it knows that time is of the essence. Willow had been taking her time and wanting to hide the truth when her lie could be on the line. Celebrating the Soaps had suggested that Carly tells Michael the truth about Nina and he keeps it to himself but would he risk Willow's life instead of seeking a bone marrow donor?

Everything needs to hit the fan

Even now Willow just begged Drew not to tell Carly or anyone else which is pretty crazy and Drew along with Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) are agreeing to keep the secret. Willow also is showing no signs of the stress that comes with chemo and there is the fact that she is carrying a child. Except for looking a bit pale and not wearing makeup, Ms.Tait is showing no wear and tear except for fainting while arguing with Nina.

General Hospital fans are waiting anxiously for Carly to find out Willow may be dying and be forced to tell her that Nina is her mother. After all the lies it will be interesting to watch how Ms. Spencer handles this messy situation. Viewers are tired of her putting herself in everyone else's situations and desire some action.

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