Prince Harry says the royal family considered racism against Meghan as hazing that they all experience

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Netflix documentary has begun

Forbes shared several things that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle said in the first three episodes of their six-part Netflix docuseries that dropped today. One issue of particular interest is how the royal family did not understand how serious the racial threats were to Meghan. To paraphrase Harry said his family basically shrugged their shoulders and pointed out that they all go through hazing and did not see that racism was something completely different.

All of the royals are stalked by the paparazzi and Queen Camilla said they would hide in the bushes in front of her house when the news broke that she was seeing King Charles while he was married to Princess Diana. In the documentary Harry, Meghan, and her mother Dora Ragland all told how brutal and relentless the press was at pursuing them.

The docuseries was not as brutal as expected

Being based by reporters and misinformation in stories is all in a normal day of belonging to the royal family but Megha brought with her several additional issues. She is American, biracial, divorced, an actress, and not a blueblood. Racism seems to have been more problematic than the other issues for the Duchess but it was the one thing the royal family had not dealt with so they could not understand

It was a bit naive of them to not realize that Meghan's ethnicity brought an additional layer of vitriol her way but Prince Harry was worried that his wife would meet a fate similar to his mother the late Princess Diana. When you put the information in this series with other interviews the couple has given Prince Harry and Meghan's narrative has not really changed.

The couple is consistent in saying that they desired extra protection for Markle because of the racist threats and left the UK in order to protect their family. The Mirror which is often pro-royals and against the Sussexes reported that the Netflix documentary had "far less fire and brimstone" than was expected but was still damaging.

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