Donny McClurkin and Marcus Rogers reveal how secular gospel music is today

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A shift in gospel music

There has been a shift in what is considered to be gospel music and Donny McClurkin and Marcus Rogers have broken it down. The easiest way to explain would be the difference in what you feel when Mariah Carey sings All I want for Christmas is you and when she sings O Holy Night and Silent Night. The latter was sung by soldiers on Christmas Eve 1914 during World War I and they called a truce and the power of the song about the birth of Christ caused the Germans and Belgians to come together.

The latter two songs tell of the Savior's birth and the anointing or presence of God is on them. The first song is a popular tune each Christmas season but as they say in church language there is no "oil".

There is a difference between the sacred and the secular

The anointing is not expected on a secular song but there are also a lot of people producing "Christian " music that sounds good and gets folk on their feet but does not have the oil of God's presence. Many older believers in Christ have been saying for years which is that many modern songs have secular beats and should not be categorized as gospel while young people argue that gospel must change with the times. Sacred music is supposed to glorfy the Creator

If what you are listening to makes you shake your groove thing and shake your rump to the funk as we said in the late 1970s and early 1980s then your flesh has been moved but not your spirit. Gospel music causes one to reflect on Christ's sacrifice on the cross and one's own sinful nature. One example of a worldwide contemporary Christian hit would be Mercy Me's "I can only imagine" which talks about the return of Christ and went to the top of the charts. This song has a contemporary beat but also has His presence.

Deception in the ranks

In the following video, McClurkin and Rogers share some shocking incites into today's "Christian music" that many may not be aware of and perhaps this will be a wake-up call. McClurkin who is a respected minister also said that after " Gospel Awards" shows that the parties have secular music with hooka bars, people twerking, smoking, getting and high and drinking alcohol, and not behaving very Christ-like. Rogers says that artists will throw Jesus' Name on a song because it gets them additional sales from the Christian community or their next big hit when these artists are not really following Christ.

I recall Tamala Mann said in an interview that she asked Kirk Franklin to write a song for her that would be a hit and he came up with Take Me to the King. I was called judgmental when I said gospel music is not about hits but drawing people closer to the Lord. Now McClurkin, Rogers, and others are echoing the same sentiment as older believers in Christ watch the downfall that is taking place because of contemporary gospel music.

The hymns in hymnals were not written to make the top 40 charts or crossover to secular fans. The Old Rugged Cross, Amazing Grace, There is power in the blood and other songs were written based on the Bible and tell sing of love for Jesus and tell the gospel in song.

Such music comes from the hearts of those who write and compose and often brings tears to those who listen such as the contemporary song by Kirk Franklin's Reason Why We Sing.

The gospel is being pimped

Rogers says he is not judging but anything related to the Lord must be Holy. He said the beat and hook is good in some contemporary music but people don't seem to understand the difference when compared to music that came from a lifestyle of prayer and the secret closet. Rogers says some Christians are blind and not understanding what is going on but there is a difference.

He says you cannot live a lifestyle contrary to what the Bible specifies and expect the oil of the anointing. He added that feeling chills and goosebumps are not the anointing and there is a difference because the anointing changes the atmosphere. He also goes there and says much Christian rap is bars and beats without the anointing.

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