Was Felicia the big reveal Tristan Rogers spoke of or is there more to come on General Hospital?

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Felicia and Robert are hiding a secret from Mac.Photo bySoaps She Knows screenshot.

Tristan Rogers set up a mystery

When Emma Samms first reappeared in Port Charles as Holly Sutton her General Hospital castmate Tristan Rogers gave an interview with Soap Opera Digest where he spoke about this storyline only involving veteran actors. He also teased there would be a major veteran character behind what happened to Holly and fans were going to love it.

The storyline indeed has played out with General Hospital veterans Rogers, Samms, Finola Hughes (Anna Devane), Lynne Herring (Lucy Coe), Mac Scorpio (John J York), Genie Francis (Laura Collins) and Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagoner) Victor Cassadine is a character who has been around for a while and although Charles Shaughnessy is new at portraying him, Shaughnessy is a soap vet. What fans did not see was the return o a favorite character who helped Holly.

In what appeared to be her final scenes it was revealed that Felicia assisted Holly in faking being burned during the fire. General Hospital viewers were certainly surprised to see Mac's wife in disguise as the individual who helped Holly pull off her escape. Is it possible that this is what Rogers was alluding to or is there more to come?

Was it Felicia or should we look for another?

Robert and Holly's kiss seemed final as she went off to try to rescue her son Ethan Lovette (Nathan Parsons) but Victor is still free so there might be more to this story. Some fans had believed Rogers was hinting that Jack Wagoner might reprise his role as Frisco Jones and others were hoping that Luke Spencer is not dead and that Anthony Geary might show up in Port Charles.

General Hospital fans can only watch and wait until the entirety of this storyline is concluded to find out if Tristan Rogers was referring to Felicia or if someone else is yet to come. In the meantime, Mac has been lied to by his wife as well as his older brother but it was to keep him from losing his job as the Port Charles lead detective. Will this secret remain buried or will Robert and Felicia face fireworks in the future?

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