Prince Harry's book "Spare" could be a royal let down

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Spare may not be what everyone is thinking

January 10 the date Prince Harry's book Spare will be released is only about five weeks away. Various news outlets have painted a picture of King Charles and Queen Camilla shaking in their boots in fear of what may be revealed. The title suggests to many that Harry will dish about how difficult it was growing up in the shadow of Prince William who is the heir to the throne. Others believe he will discuss how difficult life in the royal family was for his wife Meghan Markle and give intimate details of Mexit.

It's also been suggested that he will talk about his real feelings for his stepmother Queen Camilla but what if the book is nothing at all like what royal watchers have predicted? Harry may or may not divulge secrets from the House of Windsor. The only thing that has been reported to be in Spare is that he will begin his story after his mother Princess Diana passed away. Harry has already shared that it was difficult for him as an 11-year-old boy to walk that long walk behind his mother's casket with the world watching.

Perhaps the title is nothing more than Prince Harry expounding upon the nickname he was given and the book does not disclose juicy details about the alleged infighting between Prince William and his brother. There is the possibility that Harry's memoir is not the scathing tell-all that it has been built up to be. "Spare" could be nothing more than a chronicle of events in his life from the time his mother died until adulthood. On January 10 the world will find out if the book is offensive to the memory of Queen Elizabeth or would make her proud.

The title "Spare" certainly causes interest because Prince William and Prince Harry were dubbed the heir and the spare from birth and might be everything that has been promised and the royals will be outraged. It's also possible that those who have preordered the book and who rush out to purchase it on January 10, could find they have been let down by all the hype. The royal family, on the other hand, who have been reported to be anxious about the contents, might breathe a sigh of relief.

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