Queen Camilla is accused of racism but there could be another explanation

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Queen Camilla is accused of racism

Queen Consort Camilla Parker Bowles has come under fire because of a video where it appears she is exhibiting racist behavior. Every move of the royals is scrutinized and at times their actions can be misinterpreted. Multiple news outlets have shown the video where Camilla is at Barnardo's Nursery in Bow passing out Paddington Bears that were left at the palace after Queen Elizabeth passed away.

The Queen Consort looks rather awkward while handing out the stuffed animals to the disadvantaged preschoolers and one interaction, in particular, has caused questions about her possibly being racist. Camilla is seen taking hold of the sleeve of a little black girl rather than shake her hand. Social media went wild with the accusation that the wife of King Charles could not bring herself to touch a black child.

There could be a logical explanaition

Later some sources revealed that the Queen Consort lifted the little girl's sleeve because she was complimenting her bracelet. Whatever her intentions Camilla is receiving backlash and talks on race relations have increased. This is not the first time the King and his wife have come under fire for their behavior. Meghan Markle told Oprah Winfrey that someone in the palace wondered what color her baby would be. No one has said for certain but King Charles and Camilla are the top guesses.

I have written in publications that asking what complexion a child will have is done often within the African American community because skin tones are so varied. While some people believe whoever asked this question is racist I see it more as a curiosity. The royals are probably not going to address this and clarify the matter because Queen Elizabeth's motto was "Never complain and never explain."

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