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Roanoke citizens should be aware of the possibility of the sucker punch knockout game

Cheryl E Preston
d after being sucker punched.Photo byNew York Daily News

The dangerous knockout game may be taking place in Roanoke

During the summer there were several reports of the knockout game where young people would randomly sucker-punch older individuals and knock them to the ground. In August Daily Mail said that at least 20 individuals in New York had been hurt because of this violent "game." In one situation it led to the death of 61-year-old New York resident Victor Vega who was knocked cold with one punch. A video of the crime from New York Daily Mail at this link shows exactly what took place. This dangerous method of attack is now rumored to be in the Roanoke Valley.

I received a phone call less than an hour ago from a relative who told me to be careful and aware of my surroundings because the sucker punch knockout game was taking place in Roanoke. He did not give names, dates, locations or details but said that teenagers were asking strangers for cigarettes or loose change and then punching and robbing them. I checked with Deborah at the Roanoke City Police Department who said they have not received any notifications of this violent game taking place. She added that this did not mean that it was not happening because victims might not be reporting the crime.

It's better to be safe than sorry

I share the information so that local residents will be more aware of their surroundings and being approached by younger strangers because each year around the holiday season crime does increase. Roanoke residents along with Americans in general are warned each year about telephone scams and thieves who break into homes or cars to steal Christmas gifts. This past March there was a string of vehicle break-ins at hotels in the Valley View Mall area so we know these things do happen.

Fox News 31 recently reported that 2022 is the third in a row where over 1,000 packages have been stolen by porch pirates and added that it gets worse during the holiday season. The only way to know if the sucker punch knockout game is taking place in the Star City is if it is reported to authorities. Even if it is only a rumor it's always wise to be aware of our surroundings and take precautions. This is especially true for seniors. Two old adages to keep in mind are: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" and "Better safe than sorry." The best attitude to have is to never think something like this will not come to this local.

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