Angela Levin receives backlash over racist tweets against Meghan Markle

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Racism related to ski color persists

Newsweek is reporting that Angela Levin is receiving lots of backlash over a racist comment she put o Twitter about the Duchess of Sussex. Referring to a 2018 photo of Meghan Markle, Levin pointed out how "white" she looked. Biracial and light-skinned African Americans struggle with racism that comes from all sides and such comments do nothing to improve race relations

When I once worked in a medical facility there was a white female patient who each time I was assigned to him would begin to stutter and say "Get away you high Yella." This term is used for light complexion Africa Americans as well as biracial individuals. I've had black people tell me I looked white and my grandmother once said of a biracial cousin who actually did look totally white: "If you're gonna be black then be black." This cousin was dating a white teen while in high school who dropped her like a hot potato when he went to her home and saw her father was a dark-skinned black man.

This comment came to mind as I read about Levin the author of Harry: A Biography of a Prince and a strong critic of Meghan. The author posted the tweet on Thanksgiving and she seems to be saying the same thing as my grandmother and others of both races which is that if you are black (or part black in Markle's case) then you should look it and not appear white.

The Duchess of Sussex continues to be attacked because she is biracial

I've mentioned in other articles how Alex Haley's grandmother Queen (in the book and television series of the same name) was kissed by a white man who was appalled because she looked to be Caucasian. He blamed Queen for fooling him and had the same attitude that she should look like what she was, a "nigra.". Christopher Bouzy, the founder of data analysis firm Bot Sentinel, told Newsweek: "Angela Levin's comments were racist and reprehensible, and her constant attacks aimed at the duchess helps to add fuel to the onslaught of abuse from online trolls."

Buzzy also said that Twitter is not going to do anything about Angela Levin because new owner Elon Musk recently restored the accounts of Donald Trump and others who had abused the platform. he also said that Musk and Levin's posts are similar. Tessy Ojo the chief executive officer of the Diana Award, asked "Why on earth would you think it is acceptable to comment on the skin colour of a person? "Have we sunk so low that nothing is sacred anymore?" and added "Do you understand how many young people struggle with their identity? Last week we published stats showing over 50% of young people are bullied because of their appearance, impacting their mental health, and yet, you think it's ok to comment on a biracial woman's skin colour!"

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