King Charles gave Megan Markle a special nickname before she married Prince Harry

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King Charles had an odd nickname for Meghan Markle

When King Charles II was still a prince and prior to Meghan Markle marrying Prince Harry he gave his future daughter-in-law an interesting nickname. This information comes from Katie Nicholls's book The New Royals which had excerpts in ET. Nicholls is one of several royal experts who have tidbits from their books about the royal family in various news media.

According to Nicholls after meeting Markle the prince (now the king) gave her the nickname "Tungsten" because she showed herself to be tough and resilient. According to Live Science. tungsten is the rare chemical element known to be strong and durable — and as one of the “toughest things” in nature."

Meghan Markle still exudes strength in spite of her haters

Nicholl goes on to say that this was a "wake-up" moment" for Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton who realized that Meghan might be competition for them. Nicholl, like other royal biographers, seems to imply that William and Kate felt threatened by Meghan but they are headed toward becoming king and queen and Marke and Harry are not.

Meghan's tough exterior obviously was worn down a bit after marrying Prince Harry as she shared with Oprah Winfrey that she was dealing with mental health issues and suicidal thoughts after the marriage much like the late Princess Diana. Meghan Markle however is still showing strength as she keeps moving forward in spite of at one point being the most trolled person on the internet.

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