Royal expert says Meghan Markle lives rent free in the heads of her haters

Cheryl E Preston
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Meghan Markle has made an impact

There are hundreds of stories online about Meghan Markle that range from praising her to vilifying the Duchess of Sussex. A recent article in Salon brought out something interesting. Near the end of the commentary by Melody Mcfarland, she makes two assertions which are that Markle's haters are (mostly) white males who allow her to live rent-free in their heads. Meghan is a woman of color who does not look black and this rubs some people the wrong way.

In 202 the Duchess says she was told she was the most trolled person on the Internet in 2019 and that she suffered "almost unbearable abuse by cyber bullies. Mcfarland says that Markle has been criticized for marrying into the "exemplar of white supremacy", and has had her identification with Blackness questioned with some saying her children should not be considered as non-white.

Mcfarland also points out that vilifying Marke is what gets clicks and referred to a quite in an article in The Daily Beast's Royalist column: "After a summer of relative peace, Meghan Markle formally re-opened her war with the British royal family this week —and indicated that a fresh bombardment will take place, each and every Wednesday, for the next 11 weeks."

Meghan bashing fuels the hate

Meghan bashing keeps her haters hating and pumped up for more vitriol and while they are using their energy to try to make her look bad she continues to rise above it all. McFarland points out that "living well is the best revenge" and in spite of all the naysayers' Meghan's premiere "Archetypes" Podcast became the No. 1 on Spotify's global charts.

Archetypes unseated Joe Rogan who previously reigned at number one and caused more tongues to wag. Meghan Markle is criticized when she succeeds as well as when she has been perceived t have done something wrong but she keeps moving and living rent-free in the heads of those who find fault with her every breath.

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