Barbecue Fritos corn chips have returned to store shelves permanently

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They are back BBQ Fritos have returned

Barbecue Fritos corn chips were a staple in the childhood of many baby boomers. This is why it was a shock when this popular snack was discontinued by Frito Lay in 2018. They were replaced with random new flavors like Fritos honey bbq twists and flaming hot barbecue Fritos but customers were disappointed. There were online complaints, multiple posts on Facebook, phone calls to the company, and even a petition which garnered over 32,000 signatures.

It was never stated exactly why the company took such a drastic step and discontinued an item that was beloved, selling well, and making them money but loyal snackers made their desire crystal clear. They wanted BBQ Fritos back for a limited time of only a few weeks each summer in 2020 and 2021. This was not what loyal customers desired and the fury of the faithful prevailed as on September 19th, 2022 Frito Lay returned this favorite snack food to store shelves permanently.

Fritos origin

In 1932 Charles Doolin debuted Fritos and in 1959 the snack began being produced by the Frito-Lay division of the Pepsico company. The barbecue brand remained a staple on store shelves and in homes for close to nine decades until someone made an unpopular decision in 2018.

In the Roanoke Valley, since their comeback, I have only seen BBQ Fritos sold in bags in Family Dollar stores on Williamson Road and on Orange Avenue NW. in the 4 oz bags that cost around $2.00. Please check the retail stores, grocery stores, corner stores, and convenience stores in your neck of the woods.

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